Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Discovery of Witches | U.S. and Canada . . . Are You Ready?

US and Canada, we're ready! Are you?

We are sooo excited to share our excitement over the TV adaptation of our very favorite book series, The All Souls Trilogy (named for book one of the trilogy, A Discovery of Witches)! We have been busy Daemons these past couple of months. We've been getting our coverage ready for the worldwide audience on our podcast, and putting together a special giveaway for all of our followers & listeners. We know many of you share our excitement now with Sundance Now and Shudder posting the first two episodes as a limited-time holiday treat! Now that that's over, the countdown begins for all of the episodes . . .

If you are new to this whole TV show business, and have no clue about the big fuss we are making -- first of all, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! πŸ˜† That's ok, because if you didn't know, you know now! The TV show will premiere in the US/Canada on the streaming services Sundance Now, and Shudder. US & Canadian followers, please take advantage of our promo code for 30 days of free viewing on either Shudder or Sundance Now! Promo code: LADYDAEMONS

We can't spoil it for you, but please trust us, THIS SERIES IS WORTH EVERY BIT OF THE HYPE! We've truly enjoyed the entire first season, and it's a must-watch for fans of the books. The adaptation is positively stellar. Our only real complaint? We wish it were LONGER!

Listen to our trailer episode:

Download .Mp3 of this episode
A huge thank you goes to AMC Network's Sundance Now and Shudder!

Join us on the 17th of January (episode will publish 8 pm EST) to have a virtual watch session! Viewers worldwide (including those of you in the UK, NZ, AU or other places in the world who've already watched and enjoyed), subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere you happen to listen to podcasts, so you can marvel with us over the TV series the evening it comes out in our neck of the woods! After that, we will be on weekly talking about this show! Subscribing to our podcast is absolutely free and easy. Do you have a smartphone? Easy! If you don't have one, it's also simple ... follow this link: All The Ways to Subscribe to Daemons Discuss!

Also . . . 

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Yeah, scroll down. It's unreal!
Now for our giveaway for EVERYONE:

This, by far, is the most epic giveaway we've ever held. We are giving away a signed 60 page script from Bad Wolf studios of A Discovery of Witches Episode One *pauses for the cheers and fainting*! Who signed it? Oh, only Teresa Palmer & Matthew Goode, that's all. We are also throwing a copy of A Discovery of Witches (the book) with the TV show tie-in cover featuring the very same two creatures! Great package, right? Oh no. As always, we tend to be a bit 'extra'. We'll throw in an Oxford rowing cap in with everything else.

Get your Diana on with this Oxford rowing crew cap!
To recap, here's what's up for grabs:
  • A signed script from Bad Wolf - Episode One of A Discovery of Witches
  • A copy of A Discovery of Witches (Headline paperback) with the TV show tie-in cover
  • An Oxford rowing cap (from Oxford, actually!)
UPDATE: Congratulations, Melissa M!

Everything arrived safe and sound! Congratulations, Melissa!
xo, ~The Daemons
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