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This is a relatively small fandom, so it's important that everyone knows what's out there to explore. If you run or know of a site, blog, or page (social media - FB, Pinterest and Tumblr - included) that covers the All Souls Trilogy, let us know! We'll add it to this list.

All Souls Fan Sites:

A Discovery of Witches (a blog by @imabeweaver on Tumblr)
A Discovery of Witches BR (a Brazilian blog on Tumblr)
A Discovery of Witches Serie tv ITA and All Souls Trilogy (A Facebook group - Italian)
A Discovery of Witches Serie tv ITA(A Facebook page - Italian)
A Feast for All Souls also on Facebook - (discussion group)
All Souls Con also visit All Souls Con Attendees on FB to connect with other attendees
All Souls Discussion Group (A Facebook All Souls discussion group)
All Souls Trilogy - Italia (A Facebook page - Italian)
All Souls Trilogy Il Libro Della Vita E Della Morte (A Facebook All Souls discussion group - Italian)
Chamomile & Clove (An All Souls podcast) 
Daemons Discuss! (Our podcast)
El descubrimiento de las brujas (A Facebook page - Spanish)
Goodreads All Souls Trilogy Group
The All Souls Podcast
The All Souls Trilogy Wiki 
The All Souls Trilogy Facebook Fan Page
The Serpent's Mirror Wiki
The Tenth Knot
Trilogía Todas las almas de Deborah Harkness (A Facebook All Souls discussion group - Spanish)

*Notes: A couple of the Facebook groups are 'closed,' meaning they require a join request and approval from an administrator/moderator. All sites are English-speaking unless noted otherwise. Fan entities with only Twitter or Instagram accounts will not be listed above, and this is only because substantive "deep dive" content is stifled due to the constrictions of those social media venues (character limits for Twitter, and the lack of ability to post user-friendly clickable links on Instagram.

We'll continue adding/updating as the fandom grows!

Deborah Harkness Links

Deborah Harkness's Author Site
Deborah Harkness's Facebook Page
Deborah Harkness on Twitter - @DebHarkness

Purchase the books

The All Souls Trilogy books can be purchased at all major booksellers in the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and beyond!  They are also available in other translations. We refer you back to the author site to check for availability: Foreign Editions

Sites that sell All Souls Trilogy merchandise

Bohemienne Life
Nola Bijoux

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