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And of course, there is good old email. We also run a podcast, and sometimes the volume of messages to us gets a bit hectic! We really love receiving emails when someone has a detailed question of us, or would like to do in something in collaboration, re: the fandom. We find that it's much easier to keep track of ongoing correspondences (so old-fashioned! We know!) Sometimes 280 characters are not enough on Twitter, and on Facebook, we only check the account once a day. So if you have some ideas or thoughts you'd like to relay, don't hesitate! Email us! It's the best way!

If you are viewing this from your laptop/desktop (also most tablets), use this form to email us. We will try to answer within 24 hours of receiving the email (we all have access to our inbox). But if we don't get to you right away, please don't get discouraged. We are probably off doing some of those pesky real-life things (work, families, stuck in a commute...etc.), but we love hearing from you.  We are friendly and don't bite! We'll leave that for the vampires...

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Mobile users (if you are visiting us from your mobile device), it may be easier to use the following link to open your mail apps: Email the Daemons  You will get an auto-reply using that link; it helps us try to keep the spam away, but at the same time it lets you know that we received it.  We will reply ASAP. :) If you are emailing us regarding the podcast, here's how to contact us for that:

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