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Author Q&A's/Articles - These are transcripts of articles/Q&A sessions that have been published online.  The actual article links (if they exist) will appear at the end of each of the documents.

Penguin Q&A
Goodreads Q&A (5th of May, 2015)
Musing Interview (21st of May, 2015)
SUVUDO.COM interview (25th of May, 2015) article (28th of May 2015)
GalleyCat Q&A (29th of May 2015)
KMUW radio inteview (1 June 2015)
Petoskey News article (4 June 2015)
Pasatiempo - Article/Q&A  (5 June 2015)
Reddit Q&A (9 June 2015)
The Daemons ask Deb! (1 Oct 2015)
The World of All Souls Contributor Q&A (8 May 2018)

Bishop-Clairmont Family Trees
Tree with Diana's lineage:
Image   .PDF file
Tree with Matthew's lineage:
Image   .PDF file 
(info-graphics originally by Maro Hogan, loaned to the Daemons - Thank you Maro, for giving us permission to share!)

Dr. Shelli Carter's presentation on creature genes (some science!) 
Are You a Decendent of Witches? - (A Powerpoint presentation) Thank you Shelli for allowing us to share!

Em's Vampire nuts, as shared by Deb Harkness 
Em's Vampire Nut Recipe

A Discovery of Witches TV Press Pack (courtesy of Sky One Corporate)
ADOW press Pack

Matthew Clairmont Desktop/Mobile Wallpapers + Full sized Movie-styled poster
Download links here

World of All Souls Bookmarks/Coloring Page by Colleen Madden (Illustrator)
Download the .zip file containing all of the bookmarks here
Download the .pdf file with the Mary Sidney dress coloring page here