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Daemons run the spectrum in traits!  From super focused like Hamish and Nathaniel, or seemingly elsewhere like Sophie, Timothy and Agatha!  Being daemons, it's best not to leave things to we figured we should probably arrange a master post list as a courtesy to the rest of you creatures who appreciate organization!

A Discovery of Witches TV
     A Discovery of Witches TV 2018 run-up
     A Discovery of Witches TV 2019 run-up

All Souls Book News
     2018 All Souls Book News 
     2019 Time's Convert Mini Book Tour

All Souls Con
     All Souls Con 2015
     All Souls Con 2017
     All Souls Con 2018
     All Souls Con 2019 

Daemons Discuss - Our Podcast!
     Podcast home page: Daemons Discuss Home
     Episodes: All Episodes (will open in new window)
     Chapter discussion: Chapter Discussion Episodes (list located here)
     Special Episodes (guests/announcements): Special Edition Episodes  
     Subscribe to the podcast: Ways to Listen and Subscribe
     Daemons Discuss! on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Deborah Harkness Updates
     Long Awaited Update! (Update from Deb/19 Apr 2016)
     Spinning Plates and Ruby Slippers (Update from Deb/24 May 2016)    
     The Power of Place (Update from Deb/27 Jun 2016)
     Plot Twist! (Update from Deb/25 Jul 2016)
     Owning My Circus, Loving My Monkeys (Update from Deb/25 Aug 2016)
     Hitting the Pause Button (Update from Deb/20 Sept 2016)
     Monthly Inspiration Boards (Update from Deb/30 Dec 2016)
     New Year Update (Update from Deb/5 Jan 2017)
     Update on All Things All Souls (Update from Deb/30 Jan 2017)
     Reading & Writing & Teaching & Casting... (Update from Deb/27 Feb 2017)
     March Madness Update on All Things All Souls... (Update from Deb/21 Mar 2017)
     Looking for Some Boldness and Magic! (update from Deb/18 Apr 2017)
     The Companion, the Con, and the TV Show (update from Deb/24 May 2017)
     Summer Solstice Update on All Souls (update from Deb/21 Jun 2017)
     The Announcement You've All Been Waiting For (update from Deb/22 Aug 2017)
     Seven Things to Look Forward to In 2018 If You Are An All Souls Fan (update 12 Dec 2017)

Current Giveaways:

Guest Posts
     All Soul's Con: A Fan's Perspective, By Nicole Evelina
     From Richard Armitage to ASC - A Fan Experience! By Donna Barrington
     My Favorite Part of ASC By Lilly Derway
     'Gallowglass' Speaks! - An ASC Perspective By Thomas Gunter
     We end the ASC Perspectives at the Beginning
     By Jennifer Tepavcevich, Laura Ventura & Karen Mendez
     From Hogwarts to All Souls - A Journey By Jei-Nhy Quirantes
     NYC Halloween Event By Colleen Sabino
     Ann Daniel Reports on Her Trip to Oxford! By Ann Daniel
     Yoga and the All Souls Trilogy By Aly Davis
     2017 Dale Somers Memorial Lecture at Georgia State University By Dorimar Rosado

     The Daemons ask Deb! Q&A with Deborah Harkness
     The Daemons ask The U.S. Cover Designer!
     Q&A with a Curator at the Getty Museum!
     Q&A about Alchemy with the Getty
     The One With the Yogini (podcast episode with Aly Davis)
     The One With the Campaigner (podcast episode with Laura Ventura)
     The One With Deb (podcast episode with Deborah Harkness)
     Bonus - A Discovery of Witches: A chat with Jane Tranter

Regular Features
     1. Ridiculously Random Recaps
     (Most recent on top)
     Summer 2016 - September 27th 2016 - Issue 8
     October 13th 2015 - November 18th 2015 - Issue 7
     September 24 2015 - October 12th 2015 - Issue 6
     September 4th 2015 - September 23rd 2015 - Issue 5/Post-ASC
     August 8th 2015 - September 3rd 2015 - Issue 4/Pre-ASC
     July 24th 2015 - August 7th 2015 - Issue 3
     July 10th 2015 - July 23rd 2015 - Issue 2
     Jun 19th 2015 - July 9th 2015 - Issue 1

     2. The Daemon All Souls Reading Guides
     A Discovery of Witches
     Shadow of Night
     The Book of Life

     3. Weekly Geek!
     Prelude to the "Geek"
     #1 - The Discovery of Witches
     #2 - Shadow of Night
     #3 - The Book of Life
     #4 - Rudolf II - The Holy Roman Emperor
     #5 - Names are Important - Diana
     #6 - Matthew & Mabon
     #7 - About Syrah
     #8 - Happy Halloween!
     #9 - All Souls and Purgatory
     #10 - Which One is the Witch?
     #11 - Florence
     #12 - Domenico & Matthew
     #13 - The Serpent's Mirror
     #14 - Benjamin's Early Day's...
     #15 - Gallowglass!
     #16 - Baldwin Montclair

Regular Posts
     The Result of Feeding our Daemons
     Remember the Past, Await the Future: Pt. 3 * Pt. 4
     Our Fan-Girl Experience at the Seattle Tour Stop
     Examining the Case of the Magpie
     Countdown to AllSoulsCon
     Aurora Consurgens: A Relationship Roadmap.
     AllSoulsCon: Our Fan-Girl Experience!
     The Scorpio!
     Real-Time Reading Companion! 
     The Bishop-Clairmont Family Trees & More...
     The Maven Daemon Takes Manhattan - Part 1
     The Maven Daemon Takes Manhattan - Part 2
     In Defense of the Hot Ginger Vampire...
     Farewell to the Prince of the Daemons
     To Hamish - A Love Letter
     Happy Birthday, Diana! 
     Combined Update!
     The Alchemical Marriage by Emily Balivet
     Daemons Discover New Haven: Harkness Tower
     Daemons Discover: Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters
     Daemons Discover New Haven: Gallowglass' Condo
     Peace, Joy, and a Happy New Year!
     Alchemy with the Getty
     Daemons Discover New Haven: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
     An Update!  Points of Interest . . .
     Daemons Discover New Haven: New Haven Lawn Club
     Re-entering the World of All Souls?  Here Are Some Tools.
     Re-entering the World of All Souls? Here's More!
     Missed It? Here It Is . . .
     ICYMI: Run-up to All Souls Con!
     The Week in the All Souls Universe
     Summer 2017 Update
     2017 Real-Time Reading Tools!
     Out of Office Reply . . . 
     The World of All Souls -- A Review
     Partying in Pompeii 
     Meet Greg Coulton - Illustrator Extraordinaire

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