Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Discovery of Witches TV - A Recap of What's Been Happening So Far . . .

This is really happening! This scene was shared by @discoveryofwitchestv (via IG story); the first of many to floor us!
Well fellow fans, it seems the A Discovery of Witches TV thing is really happening! We've been riding this roller coaster for a quite a while. First, it was Warner Bros. in 2012 (to possibly translate the trilogy to film), then ... sad trombone! That didn't happen. But hope remained alive!

Deep in our heart of hearts we knew that the possibility of watching actors play our beloved characters on the small screen was in works. Then we got news that the BBC was going to take it on in 2015, to later, Bad Wolf embracing the project! Yes, we've been told over and over again that this was happening, but now we have tons of visual evidence! Cue fan girl scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

We begin our recap with the picture at the top; the first heart-stopping photograph of a scene so many of us pictured in our heads while reading the books. To see actual actors bring them to life, though? Excuse us, we find ourselves speechless. The gratuitous use of a GIF is in order right now:

Image from GIPHY
Apparently, everything is going as planned! Or it appears as though it is, so we remain optimists! Thanks goes to the crew over at A Discovery of Witches TV and Deb for keeping us updated! So now we can all rest our heads at night with visions of seeing Diana and Matthew on our various screens in the near future! Tentative talk has the production airing around Autumn of 2018 (as with everything, that can change. We are also still waiting on a US broadcaster to be announced).

So, let's start with the cast:

Cast that has been announced so far:
As of today (November 16th, 2017), we have Marthe:

Deb's FB post announcing Sorcha Cusack as Marthe
We are still anticipating the casting of Timothy (there's been some rumors flying around the mill re: Timothy, but we'll wait until it's "official" to say anything), and last but not least, Baldwin!

An aside: we've had a couple of episodes on our Daemons Discuss! podcast covering the first announcements of the cast: Special Edition - The One With Our Witch and Vampire & Special Edition - The One With Some Creatures.

Scenes/sets that we've gotten sneak peeks of . . . 

One of the scenes reminds us of this song/music video! As GenX'rs, what can we say? We're slightly bent!

For fellow fans who have been on Social Media hiatus (is that really a thing?!), and this is all new, welcome back!

Here's who to follow (if you aren't already):

We end it here with the lastest heart-stopper photo shared by Teresa Palmer on Instagram:

Til next time!

xo, ~The Daemons

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