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A Discovery of Witches TV News - A Recap of What Happened in 2018!

The premiere! It happened! From Wales Online
Well fellow fans, since season/series 1 is in the can, we will put this page away, but feel free to click away, feel the feels, and live the moments! Last updated 13 September 2018; Interested in what's going on in book news? Here it is: All Souls Book News

From A Discovery of Witches TV on IG & Twitter:

Deb on the red carpet!
THE PREMIERE OF A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES! Aww! We didn't go! What with receiving the invitations within two weeks of the event, expired passports, and crazy schedules, we couldn't quite pull it off this time (thank you for thinking of us!) -- however, NO FEAR! Our friends from All Souls Con and The Tenth Knot went, and represented the fans wonderfully! Follow them on Twitter: @AllSoulsCon & @TheTenthKnotnet and Instagram: All Souls Con on IG, and The Tenth Knot on IG to see their first-hand view of the night, and the following day at Oxford! Of course, you can also find overall broad coverage on our platforms: Daemons' Instagram and Daemons' Twitter -- and make sure you check out A Discovery of Witches TV on Instagram!

From MTV (UK): A Discovery Of Witches: 13 Things You Need To Know About Your New Fave Show

WATCH THIS from Pure Fandom: Teresa Palmer Talks Diana Bishop

THIS interview with Teresa Palmer and Lachlan Mackinnon - video courtesy ShowbizJunkies

AND ANOTHER FROM ShowbizJunkies: A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness, Owen Teale Interview (Comic Con)

THE TRAILER (posted on SkyOne on the 25th of June 2018):

Cast/Execs at SDCC -- video credit: @feastsofstarlight on IG

It seems the A Discovery of Witches TV thing is really happening! We've been riding this roller coaster for a quite a while. First, it was Warner Bros. in 2012 (to possibly translate the trilogy to film), then ... sad trombone! That didn't happen. But hope remained alive!

Deep in our heart of hearts we knew that the possibility of watching actors play our beloved characters on the small screen was in works. Then we got news that the BBC was going to take it on in 2015, to later, Bad Wolf embracing the project! Yes, we've been told over and over again that this was happening, but now we have tons of visual evidence! Cue fan girl scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

* Formal Announcements can be found here in these Instagram/FB Posts:

This is really happening! This scene was shared by @discoveryofwitchestv (via IG story); the first of many to floor us!
We begin our recap with the picture above; the first heart-stopping photograph of a scene so many of us pictured in our heads while reading the books. To see actual actors bring it to life, though? Excuse us, we find ourselves speechless!

Edward Bluemel (cast as Marcus) getting ready for a scene with his TV dad, Matthew Goode (shared by @ADiscoveryOfWitchesTV on Twitter)
Apparently, everything is going as planned! Or it appears as though it is, so we remain optimists! Thanks goes to the crew over at A Discovery of Witches TV and Deb for keeping us updated! So now we can all rest our heads at night with visions of seeing Diana and Matthew on our various screens in the near future! The UK will air this series Autumn of 2018, the US will have it available early 2019.

* So, let's start with the cast:

Diana and Matthew taking their ride -- The One With the Horses/Deb's IG
Vampires took over #WitchWednesday! See post from ADiscoveryOfWitchesTV
Emily, Diana, and Sarah at the Bishop House! Image coutesy of Radio Times
Teresa Palmer in Diana training; pictured hauling a rowing skull -- from Deb's IG post
Thanks goes to rosalyn51 on Tumblr; see all images on our FB page
Defying gravity! Not the from the musical "Wicked", but the deeds, wicked! Satu and Diana taking flight on a blue screen! See post here!
The ladies of the conventicle getting down with their bad selves doing the zombie dance from Thriller! See Teresa's Instastory
Matthew, is that you in the woods? Thanks goes to @sheppy1983's IG Story...our post here
Sarah and Em! Posted on IG by Alex Kingston
Cast that has been announced so far:
* On December 12th, 2017 . . . our Daemon (Jean), convinces Deb to reveal a daemon on the congregation . . .

* ... Deb (later, on the same day) revealed that there is yet another daemon on the congregation we may be interested in! Osamu! That Manga loving daemon! Deb's Instagram Post.

* ... As of 22 December 2017 we now know Chloé Dumas is part of the cast (surprise character!):
Some crew and behind the scenes details . . .
 * ... Sarah Walker is directing Block 3:

* ... Meet the costume designer for A Discovery of Witches TV; Sarah Arthur!

* ... Rob Lane will do the score for A Discovery of Witches. Read about it --->here
Want more?  See this post on his website: Recording score for Sky’s forthcoming ‘A Discovery of Witches’

Fandom offerings . . .
We've had a couple of episodes on our Daemons Discuss! podcast covering the first announcements of the cast: Special Edition - The One With Our Witch and Vampire & Special Edition - The One With Some Creatures.
Chamomile and Clove also released their own TV production episode covering the news so far! Check it out: Episode 7 - Izzy-Boo
The Tenth Knot has a great piece on this too: The Chosen Ones

Scenes/sets/moments that we've gotten sneak peeks of . . . 

BOF furniture revealed that their warehouse was used as a set in this post!
A Glimpse of the Madison set ... shared by Deb on Twitter
Picture featured on di padova Ill Martino article dated on the 15th of December 2017; shared by Roslyn51 on Tumblr
Via SkyOne Instagram/BTS shots posted 23 May 2018
Teresa shares her InstaStory from what we can only guess is the scene from la Pierre
Another Teresa InstaStory from what looks like the beginnings of the conventicle!
Yet ANOTHER Teresa InstaStory! Pics of little Teresa (or Little Diana) in Sarah and Em's house!

* For fellow fans who have been on Social Media hiatus (is that really a thing?!), and this is all new, welcome back!

Here's who to follow (if you aren't already):

Articles on the series:

* There's this heart-stopper photo shared by Teresa Palmer on Instagram:

* Oh, but wait . . . there's MORE!

Matthew and Diana in action! Originally, SkyOne shared this clip -- however, the subtitling was wrong so SkyOne took it down, therefore we uploaded that version to our YouTube channel. Below is an edited version of the FULL SkyOne program preview.

video footage courtesy of SkyOne

And -- A Discovery of Witches TV released these official photos on their Instagram account:

The above photo was taken by Deb Harkness 💕
... and that's a wrap! See post for details . . .
* ONE MORE THING . . . *faints*


xo, ~The Daemons

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