Thursday, March 30, 2017

Re-entering the World of All Souls? Here's More!

If you are indeed revisiting the All Souls Trilogy, there are so many things to explore.  A couple of weeks ago we pointed you to some tools for your re-read.  Here are some things to help re-immerse you into this world:

The US Book Covers: 

We got a hold of the cover designer and asked him a bunch of questions!  Read it here: The Daemons ask The U.S. Cover Designer!

A peek at All Souls College from the back end/Photo by Ann Daniel
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tour Oxford?
Well, we asked our friend Ann to share her experience with us.  You can read that here:
Ann Daniel Reports on Her Trip to Oxford!

Bishop-Clairmont family tree (Diana's side)
Bishop-Clairmont family trees:
Sometimes visual aids will help with keeping the tangled family trees involving our main characters straight.  Our friend Maro designed some!   See those (and more!) here:
The Bishop-Clairmont Family Trees & More...

Here is a bit of whimsy as we examine the case of the copycat, William Shakespeare:
Examining the Case of the Magpie

And finally, let's talk about All Souls Con!
There will be one in 2017!  Save the date: 23 September, 2017 in New Orleans. Visit

From ASC 2015: Jennifer Ikeda, our own Daemon (Jean/Scheming Daemon), with Laura Ventura (ASC organizer)
Can't make it to New Orleans in person? No problem!  Live streaming will be FREE!  Penguin Books will sponsor this year's live stream, so you can participate no matter what!  But you have to register.  Go to, and register today!  Here are some guest posts on All Souls Con 2015:

All Soul's Con: A Fan's Perspective
From Richard Armitage to ASC - A Fan Experience!
My Favorite Part of ASC
'Gallowglass' Speaks! - An ASC Perspective
We end the ASC Perspectives at the Beginning

And here was our experience:
AllSoulsCon: Our Fan-Girl Experience!

We'll be back with even more!
Til next time,

xo, ~The Daemons

Post by V. Grendell
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