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Re-entering the World of All Souls? Here Are Some Tools.

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If you are like us, you love to revisit your favorite books.  There is nothing more comforting than exiting our plane of existence in this 'real world' when it gets to be a bit too much, and stepping into another time/place/point of view.  Of course, the All Souls Trilogy is no exception!  What does makes this series exceptional are the intricate details.  “The Devil is in the details” seems like a generic throwaway line to describe many things, but emphasis of the details are rather important if you are to get the most out of your re-reads from this series!  Also, to be clear … we are also promoting our foray into a reexamination of the trilogy in the next episode (coming soon!) of our podcast, Daemons Discuss!  Here’s what we have:

First, the books:
The three of us have ALL versions of the books available to us (audio/eBook/physical).  Why?  Because of our role as super-fans and promoters of this series.  It’d be safe to say that each of us have read and re-read the books easily 100 times since the release of A Discovery of Witches in 2011.  eBooks, because they are easily searchable.  Quotes & passages can be accessed in seconds!  Audio, because there is something about immersing yourself in All Souls universe via audio that will allow you to pick up nuances, turns of phrase, and the mood of the written word!  There is nothing like it!  Also, it’s a time saver.  “Reading” while commuting/cleaning/walking the dog/just walking/attempting to fall asleep, kills two birds with one stone!  Physical, well … quite simply, we are sentimental fools and there is nothing like actually having a book you can touch, feel, smell, and admire on your shelf.  Also?  It’d be hard to have Deb sign your Kindle/Nook/iPad and have the inscription last!  As a general reader, possessing all of these versions would be overkill.  Stick to what you love!  Please know that we are not telling you what to buy, but the advantages of each version. 

Sample the audiobooks here:
- Listen to clips of the Audiobooks read by Jennifer Ikeda (click the following links):
  * Clip of 'A Discovery of Witches'
  * Clip of 'Shadow of Night'
  * Clip of 'The Book of Life'

Check out the three-in-one eBook.  One file, three books!
3-in-1 eBook of the Trilogy

Now, the various offerings:
Do you enjoy the rich descriptions of the places that Ms. Harkness has set her world in?  Would you like to see pictures of these places?  Check out the following:
Manuscripts!  Nothing but manuscripts!
Ms. Angela (the Maven Daemon), loves to visit libraries and museums where these treasures are housed.  She’s also managed to curate the talents of those who know all there needs to be known about these beautiful books.  Check out the following posts:
A Guest Post that puts you smack dab in a middle of a scene!
Aly Davis treated us to a guest post that allowed us to imagine the yoga scene in real ways; ever wonder what Matthew's impossible pose looked like?  You'll see it here:
Getting your reread on:
Find fan groups: check our link page…there will be something for everyone out there, from Facebook groups, to podcasts, to different sites that cover the trilogy from different angles.

The Real-Time Reading Companion

Here's a guide straight from Deborah Harkness ---> HERE

Also, we’d be rather negligent if we didn’t mention our Weekly Geek series, which pokes holes in the surface of the story and examines some of background of the characters and overall history swirling throughout the pages!

Watch this space!  We will have more things to offer concerning your smooth (re)entry into the All Souls universe as we wait for all kinds of things to come to fruition (more books/TV production etc)!

Oh and last but certainly not least...

Our guides:
For those who are new to the series, or those who are revisiting it after putting it down for a while!  All three guides are available for your reading pleasure.  We hope that this will enhance your overall reading experiences!
Check our downloads page for the printable versions.  They are in .PDF format for accessibility.

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xo, ~The Daemons
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