Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! A Giveaway!

Here it is!  Our first giveaway of 2017, and it's a good one! We have replenished our giveaway closets and we are happy to debut our first new item this year!  There are so many ways to enter, and we are including two trivia questions!  One about our favorite Valentines (Matthew and Diana), and the other will be on our short Special Edition episode (about AllSoulsCon 2017) on Daemons Discuss! Choose to enter any way you want (one, some, or all options!).  Twitter users (as always) will have the opportunity to enter daily.

Ok, let's cut to the chase, shall we?  We are offering the following items:

The Book of Life (US paperback), signed by Deborah Harkness.
A heart-shaped cabochon pendant necklace featuring the Bishop-Clairmont ouroboros, a new Daemon exclusive!  You can see a closeup --> here
Update 16 February, 2017:  Contest is over!  Congratulations, Emrys!

Update 18 February, 2017: We've gathered some of the contestant's favorite Diana/Matthew courtship scenes in A Discovery of Witches:

πŸ’˜  Matthew and Diana's first breakfast together

πŸ’˜  Sept-Tours stairs to MC's rooms. He takes DB's face in his hands and asks, "What spell have you put on me?"

πŸ’˜  When Diana and Matthew had dinner in his rooms at All Souls and he held her for so long her legs fell asleep.

πŸ’˜  When he tells her about his past. About the church.

πŸ’˜  My favorite was when Diana was making dinner for Matthew.

πŸ’˜  Probably when he went into her apt for the 1st time. So many emotions running through both.

πŸ’˜  Dinner at Matthew's - Diana's birthday wine.

πŸ’˜  So hard to chose!! Dinner date at her quarters? She was so cute! All her research to prepare.  Or the scene of shooting stars at the farm house!

πŸ’˜  Right at the very beginning..When they first meet in the library. Oh my beating heart be still. Love the potential in that scene

πŸ’˜  When in the library , Diana uses magic to reach for a book and Matthew calls her out in it,  but Diana responds that she is a scientist and doesn't approve of magic. 

πŸ’˜  Matthew in territorial and protective mode when she's inspecting the manuscript at The Bodleian.

πŸ’˜  A difficult question! I have many favourite scenes but certainly, the pinnacle for me is in A Discovery of Witches; in which Diana has invited Matthew over for dinner. This scene has such chemistry and although they had spent time previously, I feel like they began to truly connect on an equal footing in this.

πŸ’˜  When Diana first realised the significance of Matthew's interest. The OMG! We're kinda married! scene.

πŸ’˜  All parts in the Bodleian Library!!!

πŸ’˜  Matthew preparing dinner for Diana.

πŸ’˜  Shadow of Night - howling at the moon or kissing
Update 24 February 2017 - Emrys was so very kind to share a great 4-part video on Instagram detailing how much Deb's work has meant to her!

And, from her email:

"...I took a few photos of the prizes - and in theme, I decided to do so at the Great Hall in Winchester. The Great Hall has historical ties with Edward I and although the Knights of Lazarus were not English, I thought the 'crusading' link may work as a distant tie-in.

Wishing you all the best!


And here are the photos:

Thank you, Emrys!

xo, ~The Daemons

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