Sunday, July 12, 2015

All Souls Game Night Giveaway!

The giveaway includes the items pictured on the left.  *Sizes not to scale
You can host an All Souls game-night!  Of course, your guests will come bearing gifts!

The Witches, in hopes to gain favor with you by appearing to give you an advantage in your game-play, will bring The Book of Life!  What a wonderful, rare gift this is!  Unfortunately, they forgot to devise a spell to disguise the book!  This is not in fact the mysterious Ashmole 782, but merely a signed copy of the paperback novel carrying the same title!  They couldn't get a hold of the real seems that one is missing.   Someone in the coven has dropped the ball!

A signed copy of the novel The Book of Life
is as good as the real one, right?

The Daemons, never afraid of hiding their "crazy," want you to display yours as well!  They will bring you this t-shirt that says "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know" on the front, and "Feed Your Daemons" on the back.  What has this got to do with game night?  "How else would one show team spirit?!"  Daemons!

Daemon T-shirt.  Front - 'Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know'/Back - 'Feed Your Daemons'

The Vampires...well, they will do what they always do—throw money at the situation (they do tend to have a lot of it!)  The vampires will bestow upon the host a gift of cash—in the form of a $10 gift card.  "For your warmblood game-night snacks," the card says...

Those vampires just love showing off. being generous with their money.

The Humans, specifically the ones employed at Penguin Books, will bring the host the elusive "All Souls Trilogy" board game!  Oh, right!  Of course you'd need the board game for All Souls game-night!  Well, leave it to the humans to pick up on what the rest of us overlooked.  Humans—we often underestimate how intuitive they can be!

Front & back view of The All Souls Trilogy board game *click image to enlarge*

You guessed it.  This elaborate tale was a set-up for a giveaway!

It is fun imagining all of the creatures hanging out and playing a game together in harmony (sort of), isn't it?  Reminds us of the last days in the Bishop house in A Discovery of Witches when the lofty 'conventicle' was formed!  If we've learned anything from the trilogy, then we know that it is theoretically possible! ;)

Included in this giveaway:
•  1 signed paperback copy of the Book of Life
•  1 "Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to know" T-shirt
•  1 $10 gift card
and from Penguin Books:
•  1 All Souls Trilogy board game

Only one requirement is mandatory, and that is the simple trivia question based on the book "A Discovery of Witches" - All the rest are bonus entries!  Answer the other two harder questions for more points.  Don't worry, it's all open book! The most challenging question has the largest point value of all of the entry options. All of the membership/follower-ship ones are optional!   Twitter users will have the ability to enter daily.

U.S. Residents only.  This contest is co-sponsored by Penguin books; they can only ship promotional items to the U.S.  To our world-wide friends, we have planned international giveaways for the future, no worries!

Enter today!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
•  Contest ends the night of the 27th of July at 11:59pm.  Clock is set for EST.  Check for time zone differences!
•  No purchase or membership is required for participation.
•  Please know that we will never use your information to spam you, nor will we sell it to another agency.  We hate that, we know you do too.  :)
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•   Point system correlates to how many entries you are given.  Example: if you respond correctly to a trivia question worth 3 points, you will be given 3 entries.  Yes, we check the answers! ;)
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Good Luck!