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A Ridiculously Random Recap! - Issue 2

Ah, the Ridiculously Random Recap!  Why the name?  Because it's a recap.  And it's random (ridiculously so).  There is no rhyme, reason or rationale, reference the timing of it's recurring release.  Also, alliterations are almost always adored by able, yet addled daemons!

We have quite a few things to report in case you missed them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc (so many venues), etc!  Let's do this.  Starting July 10th, 2015 through today...To the business!

1. Fandom news

If you plan to buy a ticket, time is running out to purchase at the discounted price!  You have until 13 August (Diana's birthday!)  If you want to submit a fan-panel you have until the 31st of July!  Last but not least,  ASC is holding a Human Myth-buster Giveaway!  It's a good one, too.  Prizes pictured below!

Check out these awesome prizes!  Perfect if you are new to the series!

Ashmole 782:
Seems like the site (like the book) has come to life after some dormancy!  A new post has gone up, and the ladies of Ashmole 782 promise great things in store, including a possible read-along (from what we see, that's the conclusion we came to!)  You can check that out here: "It's A Discovery of Witches Season".

'Creature Challenge' is on-going.  From our vantage point on Twitter, it appears as though there is sort of a character head-to-head bracket system in place.  To check terms & details, click the their link! (it will take you to their FB group).

Fetch Goody Alsop:
"There's nothing behind you, honey.
And the book hasn't gone far..."

*click image to enlarge*
The All Souls Podcast
If you haven't yet listened their 2nd episode, do it!  Ginger discusses her adventures in Seattle, and the highlight of the episode: a segment where she has a face-to-face Q&A with Deborah Harkness: Episode 2.

The Tenth Knot:
Laura has been traveling abroad (Oxford/London) and walking in the footsteps of Matthew and Diana!  She's just recently returned and managed to fight her jet lag with some lattes and this post: Part 1 - The Bodleian.   She promises to share some really beautiful pictures of places featured in The All Souls Trilogy.  We've already gotten a tempting preview on Twitter (see below).  More to come on The Tenth Knot!

As seen on Twitter from Laura:

Photos by Laura Ventura.  She'll have some pictures of better quality for you to view!
We kind of just chose three and squished them together for spacing!

The All Souls Game Night Giveaway!
What we Daemons are up to:
Here at Daemons Domain, we have published our first Weekly Geek (subject: 'The Discovery of Witches'), are hosting the Game Night Giveaway, and we've opened an Instagram account (?!) — ok, we weren't planning on it initially, but after playing with it and getting comfortable, we thought "why not!"—> That was the same attitude that got us into Tumblr a few years ago.  It never ends! :)

We also held our first "Flash Giveaway!"  Congratulations: @CAcatlady!  Sarah's witchball is on her her broom headed your way!  How quickly just depends on the wind. :)
Over at Armitage4Clairmont's FB page we were having great fun looking at some new SDCC RA pics. That jacket, though! :)

All in all, it's been pretty calm here with us.  Well, the main giveaway is really exciting.  Did we mention it?  ;)  The All Souls Trilogy board game (plus a signed book, a t-shirt and a gift card) is nothing to sneeze at!  We are going to go with the cliché, 'you've got to be in it to win it!'  Yup.  We said it. #NoShame - Ends MONDAY!

2. Other points of interest around the web 

The Magical Mont-Saint-Michel: an Island once more at high tide by NormandyTourism on YouTube

Do you remember Diana and Matthew's journey to France in Shadow of Night?
This was their first stop!
Addendum ii: Christopher Marlowe, featuring Matt Gourley
We found this podcast fun and informative!  Thank you, @CAcatlady (coincidently, the winner of our Flash Giveaway) for sharing!  What a riot!  This was an interview with 'Christopher Marlowe' - it touches upon his atheism, his thoughts on Shakespeare, his sexuality, his works, his questionable death, and his time spying for the queen.  'Marlowe' also talks of his play, Dr. Faustus.  We've actually listened to a couple of different episodes, and already we know we will eventually enjoy the entire catalog!  We recommend subscribing if you love literature, theatre and humor! Here is the YouTube intro to this particular piece:

YouTube promotion for the podcast - Paul F. Tompkins on YouTube

Download this podcast (warning: labeled as 'explicit') here: The Dead Author's Podcast - iTunes

3. Author/Series News

The Book of Life
has been honored by being a finalist for the Southern California Independent Booksellers Awards!

Penguin Books Reading Challenge: Celebrate 80 years of Penguin Books!
Checklist located here: Reading Challenge .PDF (you'll notice ADOW and SON are included!)

Release-Day Anniversaries!
We cannot believe how time has flown!  It's been over a year (15th of July 2014) since The Book of Life was released! And over 3 years (10th of July 2012), since Shadow of Night's release!

Book Cover Reveals:
We missed these in the last recap, so we made sure we included them today!

From left to right: O LIVRO DA VIDA coming to Brazil in October 2015 from Rocca.  The Italian translation of THE BOOK OF LIFE, appearing as IL BACIO DELLE TENEBRE (The Kiss of Darkness), coming October 2015 from Piemme.  Romanian cover for THE BOOK OF LIFE (Cartea vieţii) from Editura Litera, June 2015. Traducere de Ana Dragomirescu.
4. Book Tour and/or Event Dates

Boston Area!
From Deborah Harkness' Facebook fan page: "Boston Area Residents: Save the Date! I'll be in town for a special event on October 27 2015. Further details..."

Nashville Area!
From Deborah Harkness' Facebook fan page:  "Nashville Residents: prepare yourself for a Halloween treat! I'm spending Halloween with you thanks to the people at Parnassus Books and Salon@615. Mark your calendars for October 30 2015 at 6:15. This salon is a free, ticketed event  [...]"

Well folks, this concludes this random recap!

Do you know of anything going on in the AST world that you'd like to see included in these recaps?  Feel free to contact usWe love to hear about news, events, contests, videos, websites, or articles as long as it has to do with the All Souls Trilogy!  If you enjoy these recaps or our other features, why not subscribe to Daemons Domain? Our posts will come straight to your inbox to be read at your leisure. You can unsubscribe at any time!

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