Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Ridiculously Random Recap!

Starting June 19th through today...

First, about the "Ridiculously Random Recap"....
We were doing a variation of this based on the Summer book tours at Armitage4Clairmont ('Remember the Past/Await the Future'), but that was so scheduled that sometimes one week would be pretty light on news, and the next week was a post jam-packed full of information!  For this site, we wanted to build up enough news for a decent sized post...and it won't necessarily be on a schedule.  This works out great for us since we all do have hectic real-life jobs, schedules, and responsibilities, we won't have the monkey on our back of a set post date!  The name 'Ridiculously Random Recap'?  Do you remember the literary rule: "Always Attempt to Avoid Alliteration?"  Here, we blatantly ignore it, because rhyming and alliteration makes language lovely! <---See what we did there?  Thus, the name.  Daemons do what they want! ;)

So what's happening in the world of the All Souls fandom?

  *Hurry!  If you plan on going (or live-streaming), now's the best time to purchase your tickets! Tickets are are 20% OFF thru August 13 — Diana’s birthday.
  *Newly Announced Renaissance Music Workshop: The Music of Matthew & Diana’s Wedding 

 *The ladies of ASTDG are holding a Creature Challenge. On Twitter, they are advertising "#FunandBling"... well, who doesn't like fun or shiny things?!  Could be diamonds!  Could be gold chains!  Could be bedazzled jeans!  Check it out here: AST Discussion Group

Fetch Goody Alsop

She describes this as a "little doodle duel w/ our favorite AST boys"... in the hay barn

The All Souls Podcast
  *Episode 2 is up - what a coup for them on episode 2!  An interview with Deborah Harkness.  Great Q&A...go listen! All Souls Pod episode 2

The Tenth Knot
  *Is OPEN! Post debut was on the 21st of June: "Dear BBC", and another post on the 26th - "The #AllSoulsWatch Survival Guide".   Laura is currently in Oxford sending back some great shots of the places we love in the All Souls Trilogy!  We cannot wait to see them all!

What we Daemons are up to...
  *Daemons Domain opened on the 19th of June 2015...
For Armitage4Clairmont, that means a more focused campaign as we wait for news and us focusing on our pure AST love here.  See our post there: Notre Raison d'Être.  As for Daemons Domain: Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook are now up and running fully!  We do have cool plans for YouTube in the future...stay tuned for that!  We've published a preview for our series: Weekly Geek. As we said above in our post intro, Daemons pretty much do what they want so it may not be weekly, but it will be "geekly!" (Ok, it sounds really funny when you say it in your head!) 

The forum 'The All Souls Gathering' is in the 'soft open' state.  All Souls are welcomed to join!  We are posting trial posts and playing with the controls (one of the posts is pretty juvenile, but absolutely please excuse our silliness!)  The Grand Opening will be in the fall!  In the meantime, come by, be one of our very first members, and post away!  We are only talking to ourselves at this point, so don't be shy!  We love discussing the trilogy.

Coming soon: More giveaways, more 'geekly' posts, more news & more whimsy!  These projects have been fun for us, so we hope this has been fun for you so far!  Any questions for us?  Have a website or events you'd like included in our recaps?  Contact us!

Author news
  *Deb has posted this 'Thank you' video:

A video message from me. #gratitude #inspiration
Posted by Deborah Harkness on Tuesday, June 16, 2015
If you have trouble viewing this video on page, click the link above to view (some browsers have trouble with FB embedded videos.)

And finally... 

Tour stop! 
  *July 8th, Pages: A Bookstore - Manhattan Beach, CA
As we mentioned in our post on the Seattle tour stop, this stop at Pages was rescheduled for the 8th of July.  There were two other stops that were cancelled on tour, but Deb has stated on her Facebook page that they are currently working on rescheduling those.

Big thanks goes to Karen Mendez (co-producer of AllSoulsCon) for being our eyes on the ground!

Photo by Karen Mendez
*  One of those "squirming puppies" she described at her other stops has allowed her to reach out and cuddle it!  She's finally got a muse, and she's gotten about 65 pages written.
*  It's fiction.
*  Not really a continuation of The All Souls not a sequel.  Not a prequel, either.
*  No Gallowglass appearances so far.  She doesn't think he'll show up for this one.
*  We'll recognize some names—and we'll meet new characters.
That's what we know!  As we said above, there are only 65 pages of raw material written.  So REALLY early days.  We'll all hear more from her as the story progresses.  She advises that her muses don't follow she's on a journey to see where they take her!  She's calling this her "Work in Progress."  We can't wait to see where it all goes!

Photo by Pat Sullivan - from this tweet (@patsu449)

Until next time, friends!
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