Friday, June 19, 2015

The result of "Feeding our Daemons"!

Welcome to the world, Daemons Domain!  And visitors, we welcome you here — a place that began with a belief, that turned into a thought, that turned into an action, that turned into a habit, that turned into this website (thank you, Ghandi)—now it's something tangible...well, as tangible as a digital space can be!

We've been online promoting the All Souls Trilogy for more than a two and a half years now, and we realized that eventually we're going to have to choose a direction in our road and stick with it.  Our initial path has an inevitable ending.  Either way it goes (yes/no), this won't be able to go the distance! Oh, don't worry fans of the mission! We will continue with that crusade until it's natural end. When we sat down and thought about our online existence however, we realized our true love in all of this has always been the story!  The All Souls Trilogy was our first love/obsession, so we figured it was time to unabashedly dive into it like we tend to do anyway!  We are still working on our other social media spaces for this site, and we will update you as we move forward. We are working on some really amazing things for fans of this series.  Lucky for us, we have met some other great people in the fandom who have agreed to collaborate with us on one of them!  We thank All Souls Pod + All Souls Con for agreeing to it!  Summer solstice, here we come! 

Our goal here is to keep an eye on the AST world, bring you news of the series + upcoming production, share what we've learned while discussing these books, have some fun, and spread some whimsy!

An example of what we consider "whimsy!"

We watch/report what goes on in this world anyway, so we may as well share it with everyone else!  Oh, and we will geek out occasionally.  If you are nerds like us, you'll probably appreciate it!  If not, you can skip to the next post when we go back to the fun and whimsy part!  :)

About the layout and design of Daemons Domain.

This design was a very interesting project.  We all decided we wanted it to look and feel like a mixture of "decayed beauty" and something out of a Tim Burton film!  We came up with this, and as it is with most creative endeavors, we didn't know what we'd end up with until we were done.  We are quite pleased on how it turned out!

Daemons were once regarded as angels (thus the clouds and the feel of a heaven-like space), and in AST they are portrayed as creative, obsessive about music, theatre, art, and design.  They are often brilliant and are said to skirt the line of madness and genius.  Many creatures in the series think of them as insane!

Based on how we think of ourselves (insane, most days!), you can easily see why we would gladly embrace the 'daemon' moniker!

When we say "Feed Your Daemons," we don't mean feed us!  We think everyone has a bit of daemon inside...we are actually suggesting that you should occasionally abandon what's expected and 'normal'.  We are encouraging you to give in to the indulgence — wander into to the world of madness that allows one to create, think, imagine, and explore different ideas and concepts freely.

We used elements from the following alchemical pictures:

Kircher's Moon Phases
As you can see, we also used pieces from the following abandoned theatres - the neglected beauty is breathtaking:

On that note,
feed your daemons...