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Daemons Discuss - Podcast: Take 68! | Chapter Discussion about the All Souls Trilogy; Chapter 1 of The Book of Life - A New Beginning!

It. Was. A. Lot!

Take 68 - The One With So Much

Description: We've dusted off our copies of The Book of Life, opened it to chapter 1, and now we realize how much information this chapter actually contains! Not only do we get a glimpse of what has been going on in Sept-Tours while we were gone, but we get to see the events through different eyes, which paints a larger, more precise picture for us to study. New beginnings, indeed! Take this one in shifts, or power through the whole episode. It's one of the longer ones!

SPOILER ALERT! We (The Daemons) approach this podcast with an assumption that the listener has read All Souls universe books, including the trilogy (A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, The Book of Life), and  Time's Convert + snippits from The World of All Souls. If you haven't, and you don't mind, we certainly don't mind!  Please be advised, we will approach the television series (A Discovery of Witches) the same way as episodes are released in the US/Canada. 😊  Let's do this. *Note - this podcast is labeled 'explicit'

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1. Show notes:

For newcomers to the series:
  • Our Daemon Guides to the All Souls Trilogy are available for download: ADOW, SON, TBOL 
  • If you'd like a ready-reference from the author herself, be sure to download the All Souls Real-Time Reading companion (free e-book at online booksellers via Penguin and Headline books). For a more in-depth view of the trilogy, The World of All Souls is available at all major book sellers, as well as the continuation volume into this world, Time's Convert.
  • Deborah Harkness usually conducts a real-time reading on her Facebook Page (starting in September), and shares her posts across social media. Check out her website for all of her social media links, and of course all that she has to offer her readers! Be sure to sign up for her newsletter while you are there!
  • To see what's available on the web as far as the All Souls universe fandom, check our links page.
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Chapter 1, The Book of Life
  • Ghost Emily and Ghost Philippe!👻👻
  • We discuss the astrological partitions in this book, starting with Sol in Cancer. ♋️
  • All ghosts are composed of is “memories and heart,” in this series.
  • We talk about the ghosts senses - how being dead meant your senses were culled by half.
  • Was Philippe being short with Emily? We didn’t notice that initially.
  • When can the dead appear to the living? It goes against most of ghost lore in other stories.
  • Philippe is a little relieved for the reason Ysabeau cannot see him.
  • No more PUNY Matthew!
  • They note the changes in Diana and Matthew … then, dum, dum, DUM! THE TWINS!👶👶
  • Diana is afraid of what she must become! YIKES?! 👹
  • * * * We are now with Marcus and Phoebe
  • We flashback to the scene of Emily’s death from Marcus’ POV.
  • Enter Phoebe, and we getter a better view of their relationship dynamic. He attempts to tell her what to do, she lets him know that negotiation is a must in their communications.
  • When does one take on the de Clermont name?
  • We admire Phoebe’s casualness when it comes to dealing with other creatures. We also question her sanity!
  • Jean likes that Phoebe is willing to form her own opinions. Val likes that Marcus still questions Matthew’s temperament. We all wonder how readers perceive Matthew’s own family’s views of him. We also conclude that Matthew told us exactly who he is.
  • * * * We are with Fernando and Gallowglass now!
  • A man who cooks! Hello, Fernando! 😍
  • The tattoos! Did Gallowglass get his tattoo refreshed prior to his and Diana’s staggered trip to England?
  • Fernando explains Matthew’s probable vengeance on Knox, Gerbert, etc.
  • We flash back to the temple with Gallowglass’ POV.
  • We discuss negligence and responsibility in the context of Marcus’ leadership role.
  • Gallowglass and Marcus got saddled with a lot familial tasks. Gallowglass doing errands and watching over Diana, and later, Marcus being in charge of the brotherhood.
  • Gallowglass accuses Fernando of shirking responsibility by not taking leadership of the brotherhood.
  • We are floored by the stasis of Fernando’s attachment to Hugh. 💔
  • Marthe! Yay!
  • Marthe gives Fernando and Gallowglass a piece of her mind, from Fernando cooking when he’s not a servant, and Gallowglass not relaying some important facts about Diana prior to their return.
  • THE DAMN TEA! ☕️
  • We discuss what Dom means … in the honorific sense, of course! 😂
  • They discuss the facts that Gallowglass omitted while waiting for Matthew and Diana to return.
  • They can hear the blood vow?!!
  • * * * Now we are with Sarah telling the tale of Emily’s death.
  • Diana doesn’t believe her! Diana is a bit frantic and upset.
  • “Em promised she’d never leave without saying goodbye”
  • Marcus is there, he’s throwing in assist to tell the story.
  • Phoebe….serving water, despite Marcus’ warnings!
  • Sarah slugs some whiskey, and Marcus takes over.
  • Higher magic? EM? REALLY?!
  • Turns out Em was a recovering higher-magic addict.
  • Matthew is really taking this bad, we imagine. We also wonder if he’s rethinking his position on Baldwin. Not really, but we like to dream!
  • Em knows the secret of A782! This would've saved Diana a sh*t-ton of time.📔
  • So, the scene is being fully painted, and we have the the vision of Matthew coming home to the to Weekend at Bernie’s, House party, and The Hangover (which we called Bachelor Party, but this is what we really meant!) all in one.
  • Sarah is thinking “f*ck the covenant” at this point. 🤬
  • The Gallowglass/Diana reunion!
  • Numinous vs. Luminous — the difference makes all of the difference!
  • The Glaem is back with a vengeance !
  • Fernando comforts Sarah . . .
  • * * * Upstairs with Matthew, Diana and Gallowglass
  • Some whiskey fixes everything! 🥃 Liquid courage increases the revenge factor 😈
  • We do some disguising spell pondering….
  • Gallowglass takes his leave. Matthew and Diana are left dealing with the pain.
  • * * * We end this chapter with ghost Emily, ghost Rebecca and ghost Philippe. 👻👻👻
  • FIN

We wonder if the temple at Sept-Tours is anything like the Temple of Artemis
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