Friday, January 10, 2020

A Discovery of Witches TV News - The Run-Up to Series 2

Gasp, swoon, die, melt -- and all that jazz! Sneak peek from SkyOne
And it begins ... the run-up to series/season 2 of A Discovery of Witches! As we did last year, we'll add to this page slowly and update as we go! Ok, sooooo....this page hasn't been done in a while, but we're in the process -- also, we had to put it back up front. Our site was starting to look like a neglected house with the Christmas decorations still up in March! More soon!

ICYMI - here is the run-up to season 1 from last year: 2018 A Discovery of Witches TV Run-up

Casting for S2 (so far):
Adelle Leonce - Phoebe Taylor
Tom Hughes - (Kit Marlowe -- announced at All Souls Con -- see announcement)
James Purefoy - Philippe
Stephen Cree - Gallowglass
Milo Twomey - Pierre
Holly Aird - Françoise
Adam Sklar - Henry Percy
Michael Lindall - Sir Walter Raleigh
Elaine Cassidy - Louisa
Sheila Hancock - Goody Alsop
Lois Chimimba - Catherine Streeter
Victoria Yeates - Elizabeth Jackson
Amy McAllister - Marjorie Cooper
Paul Rhys - Father Hubbard
Barbara Marten - Queen Elizabeth I
Adrian Rawlins - William Cecil
Jacob Ifan - Bejamin Fuchs
Joshua Pickering - Jack Blackfriers


Here are the small details we have coming up for Series 2 so far (via tweets, IG posts and FB live from Deb, A Discovery of Witches TV and other outlets):

Season 2 filming has begun!

New Director!
Tweet from Adelle Leonce (Phoebe!)

According to Deb in this FB live, filming will begin in June → Facebook Live

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Moments we've gotten glimpses of:

A first glimpse of Marcus and Phoebe together (at last!) From SkyOne FB post
Don't miss these things:

Here's who to follow (these are the accounts that share the most so far):
xo, ~The Daemons

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