Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Birthday, Matthew Clairmont!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!
It's that time of year! Matthew Clairmont was born on All Souls day, and we're celebrating with a Matthew Goode version of a previous project we constructed years ago. As he's won our hearts as Matthew Clairmont, what else could we do but give this man his very own chair in our creepy fictional backdrop! We use it whenever we can, because it was a lot of work intially putting it together! You'll notice the same scene was used in this year's Halloween Giveaway. We truly love this scene because it seems to go along with the spooky "human myths" we hear Matthew go on about! We kept Speke Hall as a nod to the inspiration of the 'Old Lodge' in the books, and we staged Matthew Goode as our "Shadowed Prince" smack-dab in the middle of it -- c'mon, we've got time on our hands! We're waiting on the show to come to the US, ok? 😝

Today is also the A Discovery of Witches series-ender for SkyOne and NowTV in the UK, so to help those viewers bereft from the loss of weekly Matthew goodness, we've made these images so you can take Matthew with you until -- cross fingers -- a second season! The rest of us can have something to hold on to until we get the TV show! The images displayed here on this page are optimized for the web, and won't look the greatest on your devices. We have the download links at the bottom of this post of the full images for you to use.

Desktop Wallpaper:

Mobile Wallpaper:

A full-sized movie-style poster that you can take to your favorite printing center (Kinko's, Staples, Mailboxes etc, ...) and have him brood over you in your home or office!

OK, guys, now for the legal(ish) stuff: with these images, we ask that you don't edit them and/or republish the edits on social media -- or anywhere, really! You are allowed to share the images as shown. Also, (this is HUGE) please do not put them on any item to sell (t-shirts, stickers, signs, posters, labeling, an add-on to theme packages, etc.).

Basically, don't use them for anything other than what we intended them for. They are for personal download/consumption ONLY. We don't want trouble with the studio, and you probably don't want trouble with us.

YAY! Now that that's been established, here are your download links:

Download these images here:

xo, ~The Daemons

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