Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday Giveaway!

Because it's Black Friday . . . and giveaways are one of our favorite things!
'Black is the badge of hell, the hue of dungeons, and the school of night' -- or you can go with the version by Kit, in Shadow of Night: Black is the badge of true love lost. The hue of daemons, And the Shadow of Night.

Yes, this giveaway opens on traditional "Black Friday." The whole history behind the name is kind of muddled. After researching a bit, we found out that the term, Black Friday, started with the Philadelphia police department, however, today's retailers ran with that negative connotation and flipped it on its head.

Black Friday in its current form ignites the response: "It's time to shop!" Indeed, it is. But for us, it's time to brace ourselves for the incoming holiday season + the premiere of A Discovery of Witches TV in the US and Canada! We tend to cope with general fandom mayhem by holding giveaways. It's good karma for our black souls, and a nice balm to soothe the soul of a hungry fandom!

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This offering comes from us, and our good friends over at All Souls Con! The theme for the giveaway is "black". Each of the items are black or packaged in black! 🤔 Except for Shadow of Night ... we are throwing that in because of the 'Black is the badge...' stuff. Also, for you lucky people that got to watch the show already -- (psst!) -- this book is about SEASON 2! Shhh! It's our secret 🤫😉.

This is a perfect time to remind all of our US and Canadian followers that we will be getting the TV show really soon in our section of the Americas! Yay! On the 17th of January 2019 via Sundance Now and Shudder, you will be able to watch (or binge) A Discovery of Witches! Also, here's an additional bonus to future subscribers - if you sign up (to either) using our promo code LADYDAEMONS you'll get 30 days of free viewing! But we digress. Back to the subject at hand . . .

Up for grabs (click linked prizes for a close up): 
From Daemons Domain:
From All Souls Con
Read the terms and conditions at the bottom, and ENTER below! As usual, we've provided several ways to enter, including fandom trivia, social media follows, and of course you can tweet about this daily (do one, some, or all)! This giveaway will run for 10 days; Tweeters, maximize your chances! Yes, this is international! We will ship it to wherever the winner resides.

Update! 13 December 2018 - Congratulations, Lauren!

xo, ~The Daemons

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