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Daemons Discuss - Podcast: Take 34! | Chapter Discussion about the All Souls Trilogy; Chapter 10 of Shadow of Night

Oh, Matthew....

Take 34 - The One With the Baggage

Description: Matthew Clarimont has a ton of baggage and Philippe de Clermont is giving Diana decluttering advice! It's time to unpack! Later on, we add our own baggage to the pile. Long episode, so those of you sticking to your New Year's resolutions (good for you, btw!👏) will get an extra long work out! Special thanks goes to our patrons, as this is our first officially patron-sponsored podcast episode.

SPOILER ALERT! We (The Daemons) approach this podcast with an assumption that the listener has read The All Souls Trilogy, including A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life. If you haven't, and you don't mind, we certainly don't mind!  😊  Let's do this. *Note - this podcast is labeled 'explicit'

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1. Show notes:

For newcomers to the series:- We'll start with the basics: The books in discussion are A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night and The Book of Life.  Together they make The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.
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In this episode:
* (01:24) - This podcast is brought to you by our patrons! Please excuse our zealous excitement, as this is our very first patron-sponsored episode. This chapter discussion is brought to you by Melanie Nelson. Thank you, Melanie!

Chapter 10
* (02:51) - Matthew's reluctance to feed in front of Diana.
 “Good morning, Philippe.”
             “Diana.” Philippe nodded. “Come, Matthew. You must feed. Since you will not do so in front of your wife, we will hunt.”
The Ghost of Christmas Present.
* (03:22) - Philippe reminds Jean of the Ghost of Christmas present.

* (05:34) - A hungry, tired vampire is a terrible traveling buddy for a warmblooded witch. Jean points out that Baldwin delivered a similar message in the Book of Life to Diana.
“You must attend to your own needs, Matthaios. A famished, exhausted manjasang is not an ideal traveling companion for anyone, least of all a warmblooded witch.”
* (07:07) - Diana sends him on his way.
“Don’t worry about me. I have plenty to do,” I said, taking his hand in mine to give it a reassuring squeeze.
* (07:29) - The courtyard workshops . . .
By late morning I was desperate for some fresh air, and persuaded Alain to take me on a tour of the courtyard workshops. Almost everything the château residents needed, from candles to drinking water, could be found there.
* (08:11) - Diana's mental notes for her anticipated return to her life as a historian.
I tried to remember every detail of how the blacksmith smelted his metals, aware that the knowledge would be useful when I returned to my real life as a historian.
* (09:33) - Whoops. Wasn't paying attention to the road. We veered right into the ditch with airline woes.

Will's take on "spirit of wine"
* (11:05) - Spirit of Wine, we looked it up. We were correct (it happens occasionally!) It is refined alcohol.

* (11:38) - Alain finds Diana practically naked in Marthe's still room (well, for the times, she basically was.)
Alain surveyed the room, aghast. My dark sleeveless robe was flung over the back of a nearby chair, my heavy velvet sleeves were draped over the edge of a copper pot, and my bodice hung from the ceiling on a convenient pothook. Though relatively unclothed by sixteenth-century standards, I still wore a corset, a  high-necked, long-sleeved linen smock, several petticoats, and a voluminous skirt—far more clothing than I normally wore to lecture. Feeling naked nonetheless, I lifted my chin and dared Alain to say a word. Wisely, he looked away.
* (12:03) - Diana's luxurious little life.
With the exception of the hour spent at the forge, my day so far had been typical of a noblewoman’s of the time. Feeling that I’d made good progress toward my goal of fitting in, I spent several pleasant hours reading and practicing my handwriting. When I heard the musicians setting up for the last feast before the monthlong fast I asked them to give me a dancing lesson. Later I treated myself to an adventure in the stillroom and was soon happily occupied with a glorified double boiler, a copper still, and a small barrel of old wine. 
* (14:22) - The chaos in the main hall when Matthew arrives.
 “Enough.” Though his voice was low, the warning in Matthew’s tone was unmistakable. Heads swiveled in his direction. “You should have instructed them to start without us. Let me take you upstairs, Diana.” Heads swiveled back to me, waiting for my reply.
             “I have not finished,” I said, gesturing at my plate, “nor have the others. Sit by me and take some wine.” Matthew might be a Renaissance prince in substance as well as style, but I would not heel when he clicked his fingers.
* (15:26) - It turns out that animal blood doesn't sustain like human blood does; thanks for letting us know, Philippe!
How was your hunting, Philippe?”
             “Adequate. But animal blood provides only so much nourishment.” He beckoned to Alain, and his cold eyes nudged my high collar.
* (16:34) - Jean compares the great hall dinner scene to Siege Perilous, but worse.

* (17:11) - It's Diana's time to go to bed, and Philippe wants to play chess with Matthew afterwards.
“Finished so soon?” Philippe asked with surprise. “Good night, then, Diana. Matthew, you will return at once. I have a strange desire to play chess.
* (17:24) - A woman of the time.
 Philippe is treating you like a glorified housekeeper. It’s intolerable.”
             “Your father is treating me like a woman of the time. I’ll manage, Matthew.”
* (17:59) - Dude, if you need blood, I've got some. No worries. Whoops . . .
“Philippe says you aren’t as strong as you should be.” My hand tightened on his. “If you need to feed and won’t take blood from a stranger, then I want you to take mine.”
             Before Matthew could respond, a chuckle came from the stairs. “Careful, Diana. We manjasang have sharp ears. Offer your blood in this house and you’ll never keep the wolves at bay.” Philippe was standing with arms braced against the sides of the carved stone archway.
             Matthew swung his head around, furious. “Go away, Philippe.”
Is it any wonder we compare Philippe to Endora from Bewitched?! Poof! There you are! An otherworldy parent with snarky advice, ready to go!
* (18:10) - Now Philippe is reminding us of Endora of Bewitched! Millennials, here's your link: Happy to serve!

* (18:32) - Careful, Diana . . .
“Careful, Diana. We manjasang have sharp ears. Offer your blood in this house and you’ll never keep the wolves at bay.”
* (21:19) - Diana reveals her scars . . .
 “What a fool you are, to allow a besotted manjasang to take the blood from not only your arm but your neck,” Philippe said, stunned. “The covenant forbids the manjasang to take the blood of witches or daemons. Matthew knows this.”
* (22:13) - Matthew won't be able to let Diana go.
“So that’s it. My son has no doubt convinced himself that so long as he has taken only your blood and not your body, he will be able to let you go.” Philippe shook his head. “He is wrong. I’ve been watching him. You will never be free of Matthew, whether he beds you or not.”
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italy 1696-1770) – Orpheus Rescuing Eurydice from the Underworld
* (24:12) - Matthew's attitude towards the thought of the end of Diana's life reminds Jean of Orpheus and Eurydice 

* (25:11) - Matthew's God is never satisfied.
“It is too bad that Matthew is a Christian. His God is never satisfied.”
             “How so?” I asked, perplexed by the sudden change of topic.
             “When you or I have done wrong, we settle our accounts with the gods and return to living with the hope of doing better in future. Ysabeau’s son confesses his sins and atones again and again—for his life, for who he is, for what he has done. He is always looking backward, and there is no end to it.”
* (27:04) - Angela's mental checklist of Philippe's sons.
"[...]For every manjasang it is different. My sons chose other paths—war, love, mating, conquest, the acquisition of riches. For Matthew it was always ideas.”
* (28:39) - We conclude Philippe is setting Diana up for success; little did we know it at first read.
“Matthew goes to the church in the village around midday, when you think he is looking for your book. It’s where he went today.” Philippe’s remark was strangely disconnected from our conversation. “You might follow him one day. Perhaps then you would come to know him better.”
* (29:40) - The JZB principle: Words are meaningless. Actions matter. We are referring to Jerricho Barrons from the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. He is one of "The Nine"

* (40:22) - The church scene. Several things happen here...
  • Matthew's clothing sets the scene for us; it makes the reader uncomfortable even though it doesn't affect Matthew. Diana even invites them to go back to the chateau (because it's more comfortable).
  • The church (according to Matthew is for suffering).
  • Valerie gets the last judgement explained to her (wacky pagans! Pagans, don't get riled up ... the wacky pagan is the one that actually transcribed the show notes. Deep breaths, people. Deep breaths...)
  • Jean thinks that Matthew believed that the message (the paintings)was meant for him.
  • It's Lucas' birthday. We see Blanca and Lucas' crypt in the church. We also discuss why they may be buried inside of the church.
  • Angela points out Luca's name, along with Blanca (bright/white).
  • Matthew describes the relationship with Blanca from his point of view. But we aren't sure it's entirely accurate. Angela points out that Matthew went into the ditch here. The story goes on to detail the marriage, the miscarriages, the success with Lucas. Jean makes some connections with the dates of conception and marriage with Lucas/Blanca.
  • Matthew gets a bit fatalistic and "extra" with his view of the way he looked at the relationship. Phrases like "filling her with death," alarmed us!
  • Jean rolls out of the back of the wagon!
  • After we collect ourselves, we agree that Matthew has an arrogant view about women's thoughts of him. Then we go on to conclude why Matthew always likes fragile things.
  • Philippe despises Matthew? Matthew, c'mon. Get a grip!
  • Matthew confesses his attempted suicide.
  • Matthew was the one to take Philippe's life. We find out about the Nazi story (we didn't know about it prior ... only what Baldwin's diatribe alluded to in A Discovery of Witches)
  • Matthew is convinced that Hugh would have fixed this. We're not so sure.
  • Philippe was tired, according to Matthew. Matthew knowing how this feels, could relate and says this is why he agreed to the act of draining Philippe of life.
  • The only memories that remain unbroken for Philippe are of Ysabeau.
  • Matthew views himself as a killer, and Diana sees that clearly right now. She loves him regardless.
  • Matthew was tasked with the care of Ysabeau, and keeping the brotherhood together. He wonders if it's Philippe's madness that's driving him. We contend that Philippe is cognizant of what he's doing.
  • The dove shows up as a sign of resurrection and hope. If you'd like more of our analysis of that you can read this piece: Aurora Consurgens: A Relationship Roadmap.
  • He thanks Diana for the confessional; right here is where we wonder if when Matthew tells the entire truth, he considers it confessional (because he did it with Sarah the prior book).
  • Diana gives Matthew a feather from the dove.
  • Church scene: FIN.
* (56:35) - Philippe: "Welp! Did you find him?"
 “Did you find him in the church?” he asked quietly. The sight of him—so hale and hearty—made my heart drop. How had Matthew endured it?
* (58:04) - Guilt, yes. Grief, no.
“Matthew told you about his own death, too.” Philippe tugged his fingers through his hair, a rougher version of his son’s habitual gesture. “I understand grief, but not this guilt. When will he put the past behind him?”
* (58:48) - A witch is coming! And so is the end of this chapter.
“No. He is my son. I will not fail him.” Philippe’s mouth tightened. He turned and stalked away. “And I’ve received word from Lyon, madame,” he called over his shoulder. “A witch will arrive shortly to help you, just as Matthew wished.”
* (59:35) Housekeeping! Brought to you by Linda Zipp! Thank you Camille for your episode suggestion, and also -- referring to your January message -- an answer! We are now on Spotify. And thank you, Dacia, for your wonderful review.

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