Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Week in the All Souls Universe

First things first: All Souls Con!

We have a coupon code for All Souls Con (good until July 15th 2017).  Coupon code: DISCUSSER - Passes:  now $99, virtual passes: $0 (! --> thanks goes to Penguin Books for sponsoring the live stream)  All early bird prices ended the 15th of June, 2017 — Virtual passes will remain absolutely free!  Regular passes are now $99 - but lucky you! You have a coupon code for 20% percent off!

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Win this pendent, and a signed copy of Shadow of Night + our T-shirt!
What we're up to:

❀ Congratulations to Sara for winning this giveaway!  What she won:

Shadow of Night (US paperback), signed by Deborah Harkness.
A glass cabochon necklace featuring the saying "Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know" - see it --> here
Our 2015 Daemon T-shirt -"Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know" in the front, and "Feed Your Daemons" in the back.  :)  *click for photo*

Click HERE to see the giveaway!

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ICYMI: Here is a gem that Deb tweeted this week:

BTW, Deb's latest update can be found here --> Summer Solstice Update on All Souls

And that's what we have!  Stay tuned . . . next week we'll have a new Daemons Discuss! episode: Take 18, The One Without Modern Sensibilities . . .

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xo, ~The Daemons

Post by V. Grendell
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