Thursday, June 8, 2017

ICYMI: Run-up to All Souls Con!

All Souls Con is coming! Are you in? We have been shouting from the rooftops since January, but now that we are at the "sooner, rather than later" point, it's time to shout some more! Here's what's in store:

EARLY BIRD PRICES -- They end on the 15th of June! The right time to purchase your pass is now! Airline fares are dropping, and you still have a chance to get 20% off of the regular price of your pass! Go to  Live-streaming remains free, thanks to Penguin books!

Biz New Orleans recently published an article: 2017 ‘All Souls’ Convention Heads To New Orleans

All Souls Con organizer, Laura Ventura, recently had a set of whirlwind announcements. ICYMI, here's the rundown:
✮ Now that that's sorted, what are WE up to?

Our episode talking with the Laura Ventura is online! 
In this episode, we announce our fan-panel at ASC, also -- for those of you who will be enjoying ASC from the comfort of home, we will have a special giveaway JUST FOR YOU (we are currently putting the package together -- stay tuned!).  Sample the episode below (show notes/full episode and how to subscribe located here.)

✮ Speaking of Giveaways ... We just had one!  And now we have a WINNER! Congratulations, Stacie! Stay tuned everyone, there will be more!

Our giveaway is over, but there is more to come!
That's it for now!
'Til next time,

xo, ~The Daemons

Post by V. Grendell
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