Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Update! Points of Interest . . .

Exhibit A - One of the Daemons posted this on her FB page
-- well, it's a true story!
Well, what’s going on with us?  Not much right now, but this is the calm before the proverbial storm.  We are getting our ducks in a row for 2017 (see Exhibit A!), and gearing up for an exciting year!  It’s going to be a good one All Souls-wise (which means we have to get our crazed fan-girl hats on, and gear up!)

We know it’s been a while since we’ve held a giveaway, but don’t fret -- they are coming!  We have some good ones planned this year.  We are going to be throwing new items into our prize closets, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Our podcast – WOW, guys.  It’s been crazy how that took off!  We are blown away, and the responses from episode to episode have been great. We can’t thank you enough.  Our episode on character personalities really kicked off 2017 with a bang!  Last week we did one on the Aurora Consurgens, and next week we will have an episode on Alchemy (episode/Take 10 – ALREADY!).  We also have some pre-recorded in the can waiting for release…we can’t wait to share those with you!  Visit our podcast home page for more information, and how you can get in on the discussion!

Here are some quick points of interest (ICYMI) that we’d like to highlight for our fellow fans:

A close-up of Gallowglass' condo!

☞ Our New Haven series:

•    Take a tour of Gallowglass’ condo
•    Visit Harkness Tower
•    See the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

☞ Our Met Museum posts

•    Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters

☞ Q&A focusing on Alchemy:

•    Q&A w/ The Getty

Our Facebook page shares (follow us)!

On Facebook, we have shared some really cool articles in the past.  Facebook (by design), is pretty stingy about getting information out people who follow our page – 5-10 percent of our followers get our posts, unless we were to pay for promotional ads.  And, we get it … they have to make money.  Well, we are humble Daemons with limited resources.  We choose not to spend the cash from our smallish budget for Facebook ads!  We prefer putting it towards giveaways for our followers and paying the bills to keep the figurative lights on (our website + media hosting bills!  You know...the essentials!)  Since this website is already paid for, we’ll post these gems here so you don’t miss it:

Plucking mandrake at a distance with the aid of string. Wellcome Library, London/from this FB post

•    Illuminations from the Aurora Consurgens
•    Board game and luxuries discovered in Crusader castle in the Galilee
•    The World's Most Beautiful and Unusual Chess Sets
•    View the Changing Tides of the Thames River Inside a Giant Fishbowl
•    Remembering Joan of Arc, the Original Nasty Woman
•    BBC Antique Road Show Video
•    16th Century Gothic Boxwood Miniatures With Extremely Detailed Carvings
•    Mesmerizing Depictions of Magic and Witchcraft Throughout History
•    10 Remote Roman Forts
•    The Facinating History of the Meridian Lines Hidden in Catholic Churches

☞ Around Twitter

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Ok, we'll talk to you next week when we present you with our new podcast episode on *drumroll* ALCHEMY!

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xo, ~The Daemons

Post by V. Grendell
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