Thursday, December 6, 2018

Happy Holidays 2018 - A Giveaway!

Happy Holidays!
It's our last giveaway of the year! Every year we aim to emulate Phoebe Taylor's philosophy:
Phoebe had encouraged the entire family to think of gifts that were handmade or hand-me-down, which struck us all as both meaningful and practical.  ~ The Book of Life
Well, nothing is hand-made this year, but all hand-me-down! A good friend of ours visited Oxford recently, and brought back some items specifically for us to give away! One of the items is a totebag from Blackwell's. You'll remember Blackwell's from this passage:
My usual meal consisted of a twenty-minute break in the nearby bookstore’s second-floor café. I smiled at the thought of Miriam occupying herself  during that time, trapped in Blackwell’s where the tourists congregated to look at postcards, smack between the Oxford guidebooks and the true-crime section. ~ A Discovery of Witches
The next item we offer is Diana's commonplace book. It's that illusive pamphlet that was once solely a promotional item distributed by Penguin/Viking books. Now, the only place you can actually get it is if you were to purchase the US trilogy boxed set in hardcover. We still have some of the loose ones, and we're giving one of them away (signed by Deborah Harkness)! It's described in The World of All Souls and a replica of what's ensconced in the story here:
“It’s the Elizabethan equivalent of a laptop computer,” he’d explained, handing me the slim volume. “You’re a woman of letters and need somewhere to put them.” ~ Shadow of Night
Ok! It seems we've named-dropped ALL of the books in the All Souls universe, except for one . . . ? Yup, we left out Time's Convert, the latest book that details Marcus' human past, the Bishop-Clairmont's scion present, and Phoebe Taylor's vampire future! We are giving that away, but not a new one. No. That wouldn't go with Phoebe's philosophy! Instead, we are giving away one of our ARCs! Yes, the promotional pre-publication/advance uncorrected manuscript that was given to reviewers. You won't find it in stores (it states clearly on the cover that it is not for sale), as the distribution of ARCs is extremely limited. Therefore, it is priceless and quite the collector's item; the ARC is in outstanding condition.

And there it is. All books in the universe have been covered! *Daemon bow*

The goods!
Up for grabs (pictured above):
  1. Time's Convert (Viking softcover ARC)
  2. Diana's commonplace book (signed by Deborah Harkness)
  3. A Blackwell's of Oxford canvas tote bag

Update, 6 Jan 2019: Congratulations Gale K.!

xo, ~The Daemons

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