Thursday, May 17, 2018

The World of All Souls -- A Review

Jean's tree-book, signed by Deb Harkness in Seattle WA; University Bookstore, 8 May 2018
If you haven't picked up your copy of The World of All Souls yet, and are somewhat hesitant, no fear! If we have any sway with you, take it from our scheming Daemon, Jean! She has come in fast and hot with her review, and has nothing but praise for it:

Imaginary worlds are just as deserving of guidebooks as the real world places we all love, and the All Souls universe now has a Baedecker's worthy of it. The World of All Souls is an amazing guide to my favorite universe. Talk about a swoon worthy total package. It's a work that definitely needs to be savored, and its clever set up allows you pop in to explore a compelling topic or meander through. It's definitely a book I'll revisit again and again.

The highlights for me include the character profiles (which include not a few shocking revelations), the outtakes from A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night, the literature section, and the lovely discussion of the writing process (a must read for any aspiring author or curious reader).

The illustrations range from playful to intricate - ranging from stark and symbolic to high style and artistic. They are so LUSH - even in gray scale. The rendition of Mary Sidney's lab stopped me in my tracks I was so overwhelmed by the detail and thought that leapt from the page. The literature section is especially sumptuous. Between the deftly chosen quotes and illustrations I'll revel in it for hours.

Whether you're new to this world thanks to the upcoming TV series or have obsessively chased zebras down rabbit holes for years looking for eggs, this compendium will have something to amaze, delight, and surprise you. It shouldn't surprise anyone - after all, Professor Harkness always has a lesson or two up her sleeve.

Angela and Valerie will have their reviews up soon, and of course we'll cover this on the podcast. Stay tuned! In the meantime, visit our book page to read more about book, see Deb's book talk (it was recorded at the Seattle stop of the tour), get downloadable goodies, see the contributer Q&A, see purchase information, and read about the NEXT upcoming book: Times Convert --

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