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2017 Real-Time Reading Tools!

One of our favorite ways to devour this series . . .
The time is near! All Souls Con? Well, that too ... (psst! Don't miss out; register to stream, or get your tix if you are in town ---> HERE)!

How about more news of the TV show? Well ... no, that's not what this is about, even though we are anticipating that with baited breath! ICYMI, here are some links:

A Discovery of Witches TV links for you:

We are actually talking about the annual Real-Time Read-Along of A Discovery of Witches. Starting on the 18th of September, Deborah Harkness starts following the footsteps of Matthew and Diana during those first 40 days on the road to the Bishop-Clairmont union!

Here are some resources to guide your journey:

Are you new to this series? Just now hearing about it because of all of the TV talk? Perfect! Of course, you know where to find the series in book form (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your favorite local brick & mortar or your local library), but check those same places for the audio! The audio is great!

Sample the audiobooks here:
- Listen to clips of the Audiobooks read by Jennifer Ikeda (click the following links): 

We really love the e-books too. Not only can you carry the whole trilogy (and much more) on one device, they make searching for passages a breeze! You can get them individually for your Kindle, iPad, or favorite tablet of choice, BUT did you know there is also a 3-in-1?

Check out the three-in-one eBook.  One file, three books!

Ok, now for the read-along...

Deb has posted FAQ's to help you along...
Deb has posted some FAQ's for your read:

Don't miss this calendar from The Tenth Knot:
Every year, like clockwork, we look forward to following the original fan-made Real-Time Reading calendar from The Tenth Knot. It's been a feature of their site since it opened in 2015, and will forever be a Real-Time Reading staple!

Download the .PDF
Also, the Oxford Guide from TTK . . .
While you reread, you can check out the locations in The Tenth Knot's Oxford Guide

Download the .PDF
Guest posts that take us there ...

Our Pinterest Board
The pretty pictures ...

Weekly Geek!

Insightful interviews that will help with understanding the mindset of the series:

Podcast episodes!

All of the fan destinations we know of (with websites/blogs/Facebook):


The Real-Time Reading Companion

  • The Official Real-Time Reading Companion ---> HERE
  • Our guides: For those who are new to the series, or those who are revisiting it after putting it down for a while!  All three guides are available for your reading pleasure.  We hope that this will enhance your overall reading experiences! Check our downloads page for the printable versions.  They are in .PDF format for accessibility.

Click to read
Click to read
Click to read
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