Thursday, July 13, 2017

We Continue the Summer Giveaway Series . . . Because We Can!

What you see is what you get (except the letter-board. We keep that!)
Happy July?! Ok, we really don't have a significant date to celebrate, but it's still summer and we are going to hold a giveaway -- BECAUSE WE CAN! This giveaway is just like the last one, but we'll switch it up a bit. Instead of Shadow of Night, this time we'll give out a copy of A Discovery of Witches, and then add a t-shirt, and a corresponding bauble. As always, we've provided multiple ways to enter (do one, some, or all)! Twitter users can enter daily by tweeting about it! All Souls Con options are there, so those of you registered to attend All Souls Con (virtually or physically)  already have 5 entries to enter with! If not, go ahead and register to attend! To max out your entry possibilities, listen to our DaemonsDiscuss! episode -- take 18, answer the trivia question -- oh yes, and maybe follow us on social media!

Up for grabs: 
A Discovery of Witches (US paperback), signed by Deborah Harkness.
A glass cabochon necklace featuring the alchemical image, cvm. patientia, or "with patience" (the image is featured in ADOW) - see it --> here
Our 2015 Daemon T-shirt -"Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know" in the front, and "Feed Your Daemons" in the back.  :)  *click for photo*

* Update, August 9th 2017! Congratulations, Jessika!

xo, ~The Daemons

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