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Daemons Discuss: Podcast - Take 5! | Our TV Wish List for a Series About The All Souls Trilogy

Take 5 - The One with our Television Wish List

Description: Caution! Recorded at night (wine may or may not have been involved), so excuse the silliness!  This is us just discussing our general wish list when it comes to the television production of A Discovery of Witches.  We have been anticipating this for a very long time, and this discussion has taken place dozens of times, in lots of places over the years!  Since we have the means this time, we recorded it! We suggest you pair your listening session with your favorite wine (or fermented beverage of choice) - you may relate to our ramblings a bit better!

SPOILER ALERT! We (The Daemons) approach this podcast with an assumption that the listener has read The All Souls Trilogy, including A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life.  If you haven't, and you don't mind, we certainly don't mind!  :)  Let's do this.


1. Show notes:

For newcomers to the series:
- We'll start with the basics: The books in discussion are A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night and The Book of Life.  Together they make The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. 
- Our Daemon Guides to the All Souls Trilogy are available for download: ADOW, SON, TBOL
- If you'd like a ready-reference from the author herself, be sure to download the All Souls Real-Time Reading companion (free e-book at online booksellers via Penguin and Headline books).
- Deborah Harkness usually conducts a real-time reading on her Facebook Page (starting in September), and shares her posts across social media.  Check out her website for all of her social media links, and of course all that she has to offer her readers!
- To see what's available on the web as far as the All Souls universe fandom, check our links page.

Jean's happy-juice during recording.
In this episode
* News of the latest television production plans: Article from Deadline Hollywood; from Deb's Website: A Discovery of Witches TV

* Wolf Hall television production - (02:38) Jean expressed that Shadow of Night should look something like that.

* Reign (03:15) - Angela mentions it here, and later says "It's a whole bunch of wrong..."

* The CW network (03:20) - the Daemons plea to avoid it!  Just putting it out in the universe!

* Dark Shadows (04:19) - the sets were shaking...please, no!

* Tudors (04:25) - Yes, more like this.

* The Girl on the Train (06:54) - Jean mentions a controversy surrounding this production.

* Harry Potter (06:41) and Fifty Shades of Grey (07:23) - mentioned by Valerie as done well as far as scenery and production.

* The Poster that Angela mentions (10:17) - you can find it here

Val's poison.
* Ashley Pharoah (11:07) - writer/producer of A Discovery of Witches production.

* The Living and the Dead production on BBC America (something else done by Ashley Pharoah)

* The three big/small screen watches we've been around for (14:21):  1. Warner Brothers, 2. BBC, 3. (currently) BadWolf productions.

* Scenes we don't want cut! (14:30)
     •    Microcosm scene (in the forest in Madison, NY)
     •    Matthew on the Bridge of Sighs (the STALKING)
     •    Baldwin chapters (from #TeamBaldwin, Angela and Jean)
     •    The breakfast scene
     •    Dinner at All Souls (Matthew's place)
     •    Dancing at Sept-Tours
     •    Witch Water Scene
     •    Baldwin's speech on the Knights of Lazarus
     •    Ledger scene (when Diana snoops in Matthew's study.)
     •    The "fireworks" in the bedroom in Madison
     •    Scenes at the house starring The House

* We are probably losing the yoga scene (17:36): news of this came from Deborah Harkness

Escala - Christian Grey's building (08:19)
* Angela mentioned (21:19) Henry V - Agincourt/St Crispin's Day speech referring to Baldwin's speech, implying that maybe that it's not as weighty (in that context), but important all the same.

* Disclaimer on casting: (26:21) - we do run a fan cast website ... but we are open to understudies!

* Actors mentioned in passing (nothing concrete, and not in order!)  Just discussing actors we think are/were able to pull off the attitude/aura of certain characters.  Some have aged out of the parts we mention, and we are just referring to their acting ability and look (in some cases, at a particular point of their careers)  We can only comment about "known" actors, as we don't know the "unknowns" . . . yet:
     •    Angelina Jolie
     •    Jonny Lee Miller
     •    Diane Kruger
     •    Catherine Deneuve
     •    Brad Pitt
     •    Stockard Channing
     •    Viggo Mortensen
     •    Michael Fassbender
     •    Jamie Lee Curtis
     •    Susan Sarandon
     •    Eva Green
     •    Jonathan Rys Meyers - slated to play in (?) Viking
     •    Alan Cumming
     •    Lucy Liu

So Long, Farewell - The Sound of Music, 1965 ... (50:30)

* Quote from Jean towards the end of the episode (52:16) "I'm out of wine! I'm in the closet and I am out of wine!" ...we were laughing so hard, so it may have been hard to catch it.  It's definitely one for an eventual blooper reel!  P.S.  Jean's recording studio is located in her closet ... it doesn't echo!

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Jeff Greenstein: "When Marta & David & Jeff & I did 'Dream On', we used to spend a lot of time thinking about titles, because they were on-screen at the top of each episode. On "Friends", we decided that was a waste of time. We figured, why not name each episode after the thing that people will ostensibly be talking about around the water-cooler the next day?"
This was a Daemon Production

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