Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Alchemical Marriage by Emily Balivet

The Alchemical Marriage by Emily Balivet
The picture of the Alchemical Wedding in Ashmole 782 was a turning point for Matthew and Diana in A Discovery of Witches, and a huge turning point for the readers as well!
You are probably wondering what this picture is to the right (on the right if you are on your desktop/laptop; the mobile site will place it above -- beautiful, isn't it?). This is a painting titled "The Alchemical Marriage" by Emily Balivet.  You probably have seen this image floating around in different places without knowing the origin.  We wanted to take the time to recognize the artist behind this image.  A few years ago, we contacted Emily because we really wanted to use her image for our own purpose (with full credit to her, the original creator).  We wanted to be proper (and more important, legal), so we figured the worst that could happen was that she said "no" to our request, and we'd have to do something else for our promotion of a video on YouTube (yes, that's all it was for!) Turns out, she was very kind and understanding.  She wound up allowing us to have our way with one of her precious images (with attribution -- of course).  Sometimes that's all it takes.  Ask for what you want!  We thought that since we were running this new(ish) space now, we should properly honor her here on Daemons Domain!  We support daemons, no matter their passions!  From her website, here is her biography:

About Emily: Emily Balivet, is an entirely self-taught, freelance colorist who has been producing art in the style of figurative realism for over 20 years.  Her detailed artistic renderings of the divine feminine, mythological figures, and ancient earth based religions has won her a worldwide fan base that span many languages, ages and interests. She derives inspiration from the pre-Raphaelite/Art Nouveau/1960's Psychedelic Art movements as well as the luscious landscapes of her native Vermont and Alaska. In crafting her vision she borrows elements of the world that surrounds her, as well as those that exist in the realm of fantasy. Seeing through the eyes of her two inquisitive daughters, lends another aspect to her artwork....youthful curiosity. A true crossover artist, her painting continues to probe the nature of spirituality as it expands into new formats and mediums.

* See her other works on her website
* Support the artist by visiting and perhaps purchasing from her Etsy shop
* See the result of our manipulating her wonderful piece here: Deviant Art Gallery

Of course, hers is a modern, fantastical version of the ancient rendering below:

The concept of the alchemical wedding means so many things to different factions of people; Pagans, Judaeo-Christians and scientists (modern-day alchemists!).  But for our purposes (right now), we'll use it to demonstrate the union of opposites.  Light and dark.  Hot and cold.  Witch and vampire.  Diana and Matthew.

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