Monday, August 1, 2016

Giveaway: Happy Birthday, Diana!

Pictured above is what's for grabs--see details on the audiobook!
Happy Birthday, Diana Bishop!  It's not her birthday yet, but it will be soon (the Goddess' Feast Day is around the corner)!  As she's fictional, we are left with all of these birthday presents to give, and no one to give it to!  Well, of course that means we are having a giveaway (c'mon, know us by now!)

We have partnered up with AllSoulsCon as a giveaway co-sponsor!  If you are new to this fandom and are curious, be sure to check out the website (, and look around!  Tentatively, there's a plan for another event in 2017---we went to the one last year and had an absolutely wonderful time.  Based on all of the smiling faces we saw, many others did too!  Special thanks to Laura from AllSoulsCon for helping to make this giveaway special!

What we are giving away:

The Book of Life (US/paperback), signed by Deborah Harkness

☞ A choice of 1 of the All Souls Trilogy audio books from Audible* (Membership is free with a trial).  Choose The Book of Life to listen to as you read your paperback copy...or pick whichever one is your favorite!  Let your spirit guide you!

☞ An adorable small carry-all pouch (6" X 5") designed by A Little Leafy from Society6.  It depicts a witches hat and it says "Witch Please!"  ---> To die for, right?!

☞ A package of Diana's favorite brand of tea!  Artemis Tea by Mariage Frères

------CONTEST CLOSED!------

Update 8/18/16!  Prizes received!  Thanks for the picture, Debbie!  It made our day!  BTW, Debbie chose Shadow of Night for her Audible audio book!

Photo by Debbie Fluehr - Picture of her prize package!

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