Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Giveaway Pt 2: Science!

Prizes are NOT to scale.
Last week magic, this week SCIENCE!

What we loved so much about The Book of Life was that it got into the weeds and seeds of science and creature genetics.  We're celebrating this book by giving it away!  That's right, we are giving away a brand new signed (by Deborah Harkness) paperback of The Book of Life!  That's not all -- do you remember Miriam's t-shirt (<--click for close-up), "Stand Back I'm Going to Try Science!"?  We are throwing that in too (it's the LAST one we have in stock!)  Great prize package up for grabs, and it's open to everyone!

Again, this contest will be a short one because we have loads of prizes to give away this summer, so don't miss your chance, and enter today!  Please read the terms/conditions at the end of this post.

Update 15 July 2016:

Prize received!

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