Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Q&A with a Curator at the Getty Museum!

Bryan is the assistant curator of manuscripts at the Getty Museum
Here it is, folks...a blog post about a blog post!  Before we get carried away, this is not something that we arranged, but it is certainly germane to our interest as it has to do with illuminated manuscripts - re: all of the illuminated manuscripts mentioned in the All Souls Trilogy (Aurora Consurgens, Voynich manuscript, and of course The Book of Life!)   As you can tell, this is something that we Daemons would devour!  For proof, you needn't look further than these posts of ours:  The Maven Daemon Takes Manhattan part I (especially part I!) & part II

Back to the subject of this post; basically it was a Q&A (held on Instagram) with the curator about the art of manuscript illumination.  Yes, we had a Q in the Q&A. Inquiring Daemons always want to know.  Hello...have we just met?!  Very interesting stuff!  Check it out!

Read it here: Talking the Global Middle Ages with Curator Bryan Keene

Installation view of Traversing the Globe through Illuminated Manuscripts
 Happy Reading!

*All images from the online magazine The Getty Iris

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