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A Ridiculously Random Recap! - Issue 7

Ah, the Ridiculously Random Recap! Why the name? Because it's a recap. And it's random (ridiculously so). There is no rhyme, reason or rationale, reference its recurring release. Also, alliterations are almost always adored by able, yet addled daemons!

Welcome to Issue 7!  We are covering the 13th of October, 2015 through today (and beyond). This recap is just in case you missed what we and others have previously covered on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and elsewhere!

Wow! Time has really flown!  It's been a while since our last one of these, and there is a lot to catch up on! It's good thing the scheduling of these recaps are intentionally works out for times like this.  Our crazy Daemon lives got a bit scattered this past month! So without further delay or apology, let's get into what's been going on:

1. Fandom News

As you may have heard, the first AllSoulsCon 2015 took place on September 12, in Los Angeles, California, and was live streamed to virtual attendees around the world. The recorded event is available on demand.  It’s never too early to think about the next one!  Subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the know.  Receive ASC updates via email to always stay up to date!  Here is sample AllSoulsCon newsletter (check it out!  It has a lot of good information – including where you can contact ASC and where you see and add to the AllSoulsCon 2016 wishlist in The All Souls Gathering.)

A Feast for All Souls
New recipes for All Souls Glazed Bundt Pound Cake, some Samhain Recipes, or enjoy Diana's Horehound Candies, and Gluten Free Scones.

The All Souls Podcast
New episodes; episodes 4, 5 & 6 have been posted since our last recap.  Their read-along for a A Discovery of Witches is in early progress.

The Tenth Knot
- New Post about the All Souls Trilogy and London: Part 6: The Barbican & Surrounding Areas
- Shadow of Night real-time reading calendar is now available here.

Attention to our Spanish speaking audience!  Are you an All Souls fan looking for a group of like-minded fans like you?  Visit these places on Facebook: Trilogía Todas las almas de Deborah Harkness, and El descubrimiento de las brujas.  The first is a Facebook group, the second is a fan page!  Check them out! 

Curious as to what else is out there in the fandom?  Visit our links page.  We consider this a living document.  As we find out about different sites/social media venues, we update the page to reflect.  If you know of a site/social media venue out there that covers the All Souls universe, contact us!  We'll gladly add to the list!

Daemons - what we've been up to...

We paired up with The Tenth Knot and hosted a Halloween Giveaway!  Congratulations again to our winner, Colleen Sabino!

Weekly Geek Posts:
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All Souls and Purgatory – November 2
Guest Posts
From Hogwarts to All Souls - A Journey – October 21
The NYC Halloween Event - Guest Post – November 13
Other Daemon Posts
The Scorpio! – November 6
Real-Time Reading Companion! – November 9

2. Other Points of Interest Around the Web

Matthew's Birthday!
From Deb's FB page
Of course, the thousands of well wishes including the one by our author did not go unnoticed by Matthew:
Speaking of Matthew...

NOLA: The Garden District!  "Matthew was weary to the bone and ready to murder something when he returned to the Garden District. He’d walked there from the French Quarter, hoping to burn off some excess emotion. The endless list of names had stirred up too many memories, none of them pleasant." ~ The Book of Life Take a walking tour with this video:

Video by

3. Author/Series News

On October 2, writers share #WhyIWrite on Twitter for National Day on Writing.  Our author tweeted this:

We are grateful, and not coincidentally, they are the same reasons why we read the All Souls Trilogy.  You can see the full Entertainment Weekly feature that includes other writers here.

On October 20, the Italian edition of The Book of Life, “Il bacio delle tenebre was published by Edzione Piemme.  Many an Italian reader in the Facebook group All Souls Trilogy Il Libro Della Vita E Della Morte showed their excitement over finally having the final volume in their hands!

At the end of October, The Southern California Independent Booksellers Association (SCIBA) awarded The Book of Life with the Best Fiction award:

Tour Stops – Deb and her penguin were off to see readers and talk about a variety of topics ranging from the All Souls Trilogy, witches, the dead in Early Modern England and more!

- A Gathering of Witches--a Conversation with Deborah Harkness, Katherine Howe and Brunonia Barry

Harvard Bookstore on October 27 - Photo by Kim the Great! (@enervated) on Twitter
- New York City Halloween Event: Living with the Dead in Early Modern England at the Morbid Anatomy Museum on October 28.  You can catch the details and recap here.

- Nashville Area Event cosponsored by Parnassus (Ann Patchett’s bookstore) and the Nashville Public Library on October 30.

- Santa Fe Area Event: On Stage Q&A with Lorene Mills, Audience Q&A, and Signing at Jean Cocteau Cinema on November 8.  They certainly looked ready for Deb!

Photos by J Donovan (@JDnvan) on Twitter

Twitter Poll! Deb has posted her very first!  Fellow fans, what do you think?  Here's the question and the results!
And FINALLY!  Last, but definitely not least - The All Souls Reading Companion is now available in ebook format from both Headline and Penguin Books!  What an awesome gift to the fandom!  Check your favorite place to get ebooks!  From what we understand, it's also available in the iBooks store.

Download from here
Download from here or here

That's what we have for you, this time!

Do you know of anything going on in the fandom that you'd like to see included in these recaps? Please contact us! If you are the owner of a website, group, or page, and you'd like to relay something to the All Souls Community, we are talking to you! We love to hear about new events, story related items, or articles as long as it has to do with the All Souls Universe! Do you like our regular features/posts? Subscribe to Daemons Domain!

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