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A Ridiculously Random Recap! Issue 6

Ah, the Ridiculously Random Recap!  Why the name?  Because it's a recap.  And it's random (ridiculously so).  There is no rhyme, reason or rationale, reference its recurring release.  Also, alliterations are almost always adored by able, yet addled daemons!

Welcome to Issue 6!  We are covering the 24th of September, 2015 through today!  We have quite a few things to report, in case you missed it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and elsewhere!

Well, we are back into the day-to-day weeds and seeds of tending the Daemon garden!  We'll take a look at what has happened since the last RRR, and have a look ahead of what is going on in the All Souls Universe from today and beyond - and in case you've been social media free for the past few days, there has been some HUGE news about a new titleSeries News and Deborah Harkness' events will be listed on the bottom of this post.

1. Fandom News 

•  AllSoulsCon
Fans are already submitting panel and venue ideas for ASC 2016, email to chime in.  Also, according to this, there are some things in store!  Keep an eye out for around Halloween...

•  A Feast for All Souls
New recipe for Braised Chicken or Rabbit, if you prefer!

•  The All Souls Podcast
New episode; Episode 3---> HERE

•  The All Souls Trilogy Wiki
How did we ever forget to include this gem?  Great info for those new to the series or just need a refresher for a re-read.  A new one reflecting the upcoming title has been started HERE!

•  The Tenth Knot
On the Footsteps of Diana & Matthew – Part 5: Other Oxford Locations ... and --- > A Toast to The Serpent’s Mirror, ... and --- > Just for Fun.  Also, do not miss this guide: A brief unofficial guide to All Souls Trilogy Locations

•  Daemons - what we're up to...
~ Remember the past:  A Q&A with Deb.  AllSoulCon perspective pieces from: Nicole Evelina, Us, Donna Barrington, Lilly Derway, Thomas Gunter, and ASC Producers, Laura Ventura & Karen Mendez + a volunteer view from Jennifer Tepavcevich.

~ Await the future: The immediate future holds a new contest!  The semi-distant future promises a lot of interesting things.  For a while, we've had some items simmering on our burners as far as people, places, and subjects within the orbit of the All Souls Universe, and since now we have AllSoulsCon in our rear-view, we are going to bring these goodies to the table!  Of course, we'll carry on with our regular features including this (recaps) and the Weekly Geek.  Also, another regular feature is brewing . . . just working on getting our pesky real lives sorted, and then it's full speed ahead!  Feel like chatting about All Souls?  Join our new forum: The All Souls Gathering.

2. Other Points of Interest Around the Web

•  The Blue Chair Blog
A blog by Suzanne Shaw; Her bio says ‘I’m a writer, a photographer, a traveler, and (I usually say) a recovering lawyer.  She's also been a student of Deb's master class at Hedgebrook.  She's shared an interesting piece on Oxford with us: Dipping a toe into Oxford. We also enjoyed this piece of hers: Signs And Whispers

•  Fellow reader @JordanEHewett went on an Oxford tour and tweeted us beautiful pictures!  Here are a few:

Photos by Jordan Hewitt - Please see her originals, the resolution is much better!

• Thug Notes!  FINALLY!  We can showcase one of our favorite YouTube series, because this time it actually relates to the Trilogy!  We are convinced the producers of this show are daemons.  Yup.  We won't believe otherwise!  In this episode, Sparky Sweets does a summary and analysis on the A text of Dr. Faustus!

Video by Wisecrack

3. Author/Series News

THE TITLE FOR THE NEXT BOOK IS OUT!  News came out on Friday, October 9th 2015 that the new book is planned for release in 2017!  Title: The Serpent's Mirror

This tchotchke makes a bit more sense now....  :)
"Deborah Harkness has placed World rights to her fourth novel, THE SERPENT'S MIRROR, with Viking Penguin and editor Carole DeSanti. Set in the All Souls’ world and centered on Matthew Clairmont’s career as a vampiric double agent in the Tudor era, the novel explores historical riddles surrounding the ascent of Elizabeth I to the throne. A contemporary narrative involves the witch-historian Diana Bishop and the cast of the Harkness’s bestselling All Souls’ Trilogy (A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life). THE SERPENT'S MIRROR is projected as the opening volume of a series of novels drawing from material in the centuries-old de Clermont archives, and a 2017 publication is planned."

Read full details on Deb's website: Coming in 2017: THE SERPENT'S MIRROR!

• Real-time reading: Every year—like clock-work—you can count on Ms. Harkness' real-time reading posts on social media - example: 

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES real-time reading, September 23 (chapter 6): "The manuscript inside the next box was smaller than the last, but it contained interesting sketches of alchemical apparatus and snippets of chemical procedures that read like some unholy combination of JOY OF COOKING and a poisoner's notebook."

Wellcome Library, London, MS. 446 (late 15th-century alchemical manuscript in French and Latin), fos 27v.–28r. Wellcome Image no. L0031726.  That post was found on her FB page; but you can follow along wherever you follow her.

• Holiday Signed Books at Pages a Bookstore: Order deadline OCTOBER 31.
Details: Deborah Harkness Signed Copies

The Book of Life is a finalist! Best L.A. books of the year: Southern California Independent Booksellers awards finalists

Competition for UK Readers! Win a complete set of signed UK edition All Souls Trilogy books, plus one of Matthew's wax seals.  This competition is to celebrate the release of the free UK edition of the Real-Time Reading Companion, available now for Kindle through and iBooks through iBookstore in the UK.  According to Deb, yes they are working on something similar for others world wide! UK readers, enter the competition --> HERE

Foreign Edition covers:

Read the details about the Danish covers on Deb's FB page
Read Ms. Harkness' post about this cover HERE

• Upcoming Deborah Harkness events:

Tuesday, October 27th at 7:00 pm
A Gathering of Witches
Harvard Book Store
1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02138

Wednesday, October 28th at 8:00pm
NYC Halloween Event
Brooklyn, NY.

Friday, October 30th at 6:15pm Nashville Public Library
615 Church St, Nashville TN 37219
Find Tickets/Tickets available:

Sunday, November 8th at 6:00 pm in MST Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Find Tickets/Tickets available: 

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