Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Giveaway for AllSoulsCon Online Passholders!

Thinking about attending AllSoulsCon via live-streaming?  If you do, we've got something for you!  We are offering online-pass holders an exclusive giveaway - a true fan's package!  It's for those who already have the books and just want the goodies associated with them for their collection!  It's open internationally, and it starts today!

We are offering the following:
* 1 signed copy of Diana's commonplace book - signed by Deborah Harkness
* 1 Daemons Domain Exclusive "Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know" T-Shirt - Click to see the close-up of the front/back
* 1 All Souls Trilogy Board Game!  You won't find it in the game aisle! - Click to see the close-up front/back
* A collection of AST SWAG! - Sarah's antenna witch topper, a set of 6 alchemical buttons, 1 ouroboros mirror!

Complete prize package pictured above!




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