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Daemons Domain/Daemons Discuss! is the definition of a passion project that evolved from a little fun thing we did in 2012 to keep connected and busy, into a living, breathing & growing creature! We didn't anticipate the amount resources it would need to keep it going when we started. Back then, we were comfortable self-funding our endeavors. Then we grew. And grew. And GREW. This is a very good thing! BUT, it was getting rather expensive; we pay for numerous mobile applications, image/music licenses, desktop/laptop apps + subscriptions, web hosting, media hosting, travel, giveaway items, postage ... it goes on and on! That's not even accounting for the time and tending it takes to keep everything afloat and current. Being that this is a passion project, we know it's worth every hour and dime put into it. Ultimately, we decided to seek help by monetizing.

We didn't want to start advertising on our platforms (the podcast, mainly), because as media consumers ourselves, we get that there is a potential to really annoy to our followers! Also, we didn't want to become beholden to the whims of advertisers. Enter our voluntary squad of patrons! These are the people who are helping keep us independent and ad-free! We dedicate this page to them.

If you love what we do, if you get value, information, and entertainment from listening to or reading our work, we invite you to join in and help fund1 what we do.

Whether you become a paying patron or not, just know we appreciate your support in whatever form it takes!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our ...

Goddess Sponsors

Melanie Nelson
Shelli Carter
Dora Flores-Ryan

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Jody Kozey
Ruth Ticknor
Kathryn Quirk
Nancy Forrester
Leslie Planitzer
Linda Zipp
Shanon Millman Rodriguez
Lyn Sereno
Elena Tronco
Lisa Slack

Conventicle Sponsors

Deborah Taylor
Wendy Taylor

Knight Sponsors

Cynthia Poch
Wendy MacNeil
Michelle Fannon
Valerie Knauer
Patricia Lamoureux
Iwona Accurso
Shannon Adamson
Kate Howes
Linda Moore
Michelle Parikh
Marlu Davis
Kristin Wessell
Raynell Spears
Christine Milleker
Belia Simm
Becca Vork
Gale E Ketteler
Angela Page

Coven Sponsors

Ginger Stathelson
Lauren Irving
Lisa Kinman Stafko
Stephen Close
Sara Markham
Scott & Lisa Wingfield
Camille Mellin
Jenel Hazlett
Jill McCullough
Asli Ozenc
Aly Davis
Jennifer Kipp
Becky Robinson
Anne Lindell
Susanne Behrman
Samantha Gardiner
Alyssa Moskwa
Colleen Sabino
Jade Kelsey Shaw
Teresa Morrow
Sarah Masters

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1 - Patreon operates under a "membership" model, so the payments are monthly. If you pledge $2 a month, you will be budgeting for $24 per year, $5 a month would be $60 a year, and so forth.