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  1. Contact us using the form embedded in the show notes of every episode.
  2. Email us directly: Daemons Discuss (all one word) at gmail (dot) com.
  3.  Regular listeners to join our private, listener-only Facebook group, apply here → Join Daemonic Discussers The "word" is "F*cking Firedrake"- listeners, be sure to answer question 2! 
  4. Contact us on social media (either DaemonsDomain or DaemonsDiscuss - FB, Twitter, IG)
  5. Interested in being a guest on Daemons Discuss? Fill out our guest application.
  6. Leave us a voice mail:
  • Call us at 1(360) 519-7836
  • or contact us on SpeakPipe below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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If you want to know what's coming while we plan episodes, put yourself on this list!  You'll have a chance to send back comments in the emails, and we may even read some of them on a future podcast episode.  This system is not automated!  It's really us - not a machine!  It will actually be one of us asking a question through email.  If you decide later that you want to be removed from our list, just tell us!  We look forward to talking to you!
  • There are two ways to do this now! If you are in the US (the text option is for US numbers only, currently), text ADOW to 444999 to add yourself, or enter your information below:

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