Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Update from Deb: Spinning Plates and Ruby Slippers

Photo of Deb Harkness' writing space (From her FB post)
Update from our Author today.  She talks about progress on the television series, The Serpent's Mirror, her health and her new place of peace of which she calls one of her "writing spaces" - Take a look:

From her Facebook Page:

Deborah Harkness
"The View from My Desk: Spinning Plates and Ruby Slippers

It's time for another update, readers. This time I'm at a temporary desk--a card table--by a window overlooking the water. It's one of my new writing places, and I estimate that by the time THE SERPENT'S MIRROR is finished I will have logged many hours sitting at this table or its permanent replacement (once I find it).

My semester finished in the last week of April, and since then life's felt a bit out of control. I'm sure that you know the feeling, that perpetual knot in your gut that never quite goes away, the to-do list that is grafted to your hand and just gets longer, the calendar that is so over-stuffed you can't imagine what you were thinking. [...]" 
Read the whole post ---> HERE.

Follow her on her Facebook page, but also know we'll keep an eye out just in case you miss it there.  Facebook has been picky about what they show people who don't normally comment on her entries.

Til next time!

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