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Take 23 (published the 13th of October, 2017) emails:
From Stephen:
Hello Daemons
When Matthew gave Diana his mobile (cell) before going hunting with Marcus, he explained the speed dial numbers 2 and 3 were programmed for Marcus and Ysabeau.
Whom do you think is reached with speed dial number 1?
My guess is Hamish.

Also, have you ever smelled ambergris ( or gray amber)?
This is reported to be a natural discharge from the stomach of sperm whales, and used as an ingredient in some perfume. Matthew smelled this after Diana used witchfire to save him from Juliette.

From Kate:
I was thinking about (again clothes, *sigh*) how Marcus has his necklace of memories. It is obviously full of special momentoes, though he loves Matthew enough to part with one if he has to for Diana and Matthew to travel back in time. But to me, it seems as if Marcus's necklace is his version of a "Matthew Museum." And how American frontiersman of it. Marcus comes from a background of unsettled society and war. No guarantee of a homestead, or safe base. Then, American expands west and into the unknown. At the time, to go west must have been the same as colonizing the moon -- no guarantee of a return trip. Again, no safe base, so he had to carry with him all of his possessions, and I wonder if that still stuck for his necklace.

Plus, how more American can Marcus get? He seems to embody the essence of the very country! He's from New England and fought in the American Revolution. He has a frontiersman necklace that would fit in with buckskins. He lived in New Orleans just after the War of 1812, and is described as looking like a blonde surfer from California. Throw in the fact he probably fought in the American Civil War, and let's pretend he was in Chicago working with Capone in the 1920s and 30s, and he's done everything!

Love the podcast as always,

**From NE Angela
Good evening Daemons!

I don't really know why I'm going to attempt to discuss much of anything tonight on chapters since Deb decided to do a book boyfriend poll online today and well... Jean...BALDWIN. I mean really need we say any more than that?!

Although I think Jean and I are secretly joining Team James quickly after today's Twitter posts from Adam Stevenson. What a little cutie pie that one is!

But back to chapter discussions...

Chapter 35.

Yes...ok let's examine a page of dead skin by placing it on the dining room table. Tea anyone? LOL. First image that came to mind was the scene from National Treasure when they look for the secret messages on the back of the Declaration of Independence... This totally could be Diana, Matthew and Marcus. Except tea.

I love how the topic of Marthe's special tea finally came to the forefront in this chapter.

"Sarah sniffed. 'I would have thought you'd go to the doctor for a prescription, not depend on old herbal lore.'"

Sarah knew immediately, but Diana was completely oblivious still. And before you know it Matthew had Diana pinned against the apple tree in the yard, the Grimoire comes out and Marcus and Miriam have arrived.

"Hi, Mom, we're home!"....oh Marcus there really is no way we couldn't love you completely at this point.

Chapter 36.

Now that Diana is aware that "Conceptio" is the next step in life and finally begins coming back to reality here is Marcus again with another great line.

"It's a vampire thing,"..."We're very protective of our spouses."

Cat's out of the bag now. :)

Once this family conversation turns into VTS and chimera talk we start needing Shelli's big white board to plot this all out. Add in the knowledge of Diana being born on the goddess's feast day and how she is the sun and the moon, Sulphur and mercury, and hermaphrodite... and suddenly this family tree is starting to look like my March Madness bracket.

And this is where Shelli enters in and gives us the smart words about Clan Heh and mtDNA that had me sitting at the conference like a deer in the headlights. White board please! and so I married my brother from 5 other mothers...ohhh kayyyy. Can I get some wine over here?!

Where is that vampire when a girl needs some wine?! ...


Back to re-reading now....

Daemon Kisses!

Take 22 (published the 31st of Aug, 2017) emails:
* From Dora:
Hello Dearest Daemons, 
This is a little late, but just in case, I just have to share my thoughts & love for Baldwin. From the very first moment of his arrival at Sept-Tours and really before he even enters the scene, you can feel that something big is coming. I couldn't help when rereading noting the immediate reactions of his family before, he enters the room, Ysabeau's eyes "glisten", Matthew: "stiffens", and Marthe: "rolls her eyes". We learn early on that he is Phillip's Son, most like his father, & his favorite, perhaps the reason for Ysabeau's reaction, that he & Matthew are very different, & do not particularly care or trust one another, revealing a deep sibling rivalry & You are made very aware that Marthe doesn't take his nonsense, lol, the flying cooper kettle! 
Most importantly though, we learn his name almost immediately, that he is an excellent tracker, appears more practical than Matthew, is the Head of the deClermont family & was called for Diana's sake. Despite his flaws, I love his loyalty because he does come when called by his family, he keeps his oath to The Knights of Lazarus, even if he believes Matthew is using this as personal gain & there is concern for his brother, if not in his voice or his actions, it was in his eyes ... love that ❤️ I want him in Matthew's corner πŸ‘‘
Can't wait to meet you on NOLA, , Love the Podcast, Daemon Kisses
Dora (MidwifeNMoonlover)
** From Rute:
Hello Daemons πŸ˜‰

Thoughts on Chapters 30-34 of A Discovery of Witches?
Matthew guilt about Diana being kidnap...he reacted just like was expected...taking the blame for falling asleep. The dispear and how crazyhe went looking for Diana, not being able to think but at the same time how he stood up to Baldwin. The all rescue scene ws fantastic and Diana did her part in saving helself and fighting like a real de Clermont woman
Thoughts on meeting Baldwin?
Baldwin is the kind of charater you love to hate...he shows up as if the was the king and ruler of the orders and stuff. Dispite considering Diana os not his or a de Clermont problem he end up going with Matthew to save her and was the one that kept a cool head and told Matthew "Stop and think". You can tell he was a soldier/commander, he knows it is important to keep the calm and think to win ;)
I must confess I didn't like in in ADOW and for the most part of BOF...but when he told Diana "I'll find him Diana and I'll bring him home" we won my heart. I'm really looking forward to know more about him...maybe in Marcus book and in another book. I think he's a very interesting charater and
Thoughts on Sarah and/or Emily?
Sarah was not easy to love at start, how she dealt with Diana not showing any signs of magic, the fach that Diana was just like the mother is mosthave been hard on Sarah (she lost her sister and took care of her niece that "dispises" everything her mother represented, and wants to stay as far as possible from must have been hard on Sarah.
Love how Emily help keep the armony and brings the family together.
Wish we had had more time with these two but it was really cool to see them and how they react to all those things...Diana being with a vampire, Matthew, than Miryam and Marcus, the daemons...
How about that House, eh?
The house is a charater...the secrets, the magic, is was the firts time I heard of a house with a temper....and what a temper. I think that the magic of the former inhabitants kinf of lingers in the house.

Kisses from Portugal 😘😘 

** From Kate S.
Hello Daemons,

(Warning: this email brings in Book of Life also)

My main thoughts on these chapters are when we meet Baldwin. Having read the series multiple times, I think he is the most interesting but is the most overlooked. All of the reader's interactions and biases of Baldwin are from the other character's point of view. We never get the details of his backstory, as we do for Matthew, Marcus, and Ysabeau.

Here is the second son, who suddenly had to assume the duties of head of the family from Phillipe during war. I doubt he was given time to mourn Phillipe, or even anyone asking how he was doing. Ysabeau was grieving her mate, and Matthew was being self-absorbed Matthew.

Additionally, you can bet that everyone is comparing Baldwin to Phillipe, which is completely unfair. Baldwin was always the strategist, the second in command, not the visionary. All of the characters (except for Ysabeau, maybe) knew Phillipe when he knew what he was doing, essentially the broken in model. It has to be very difficult for Baldwin to suddenly lose his general and best friend ("they are cut from the same cloth...") and try to play both sides against the middle. That takes practice. And information.

Baldwin, though the head of the family, is cut out of the information stream for the entire series! He doesn't know about Diana until Ysabeau calls him one she is kidnapped. Then Marcus doesn't give him all of the information about Emily's death and the shadow-congregation, and no one tells him where Matthew and Diana go when the drop off the radar for about a year, and suddenly arrive at Sept Tours. He even mentions that if he knew Matthew and Diana were there he wouldn't have invited the Congregation representatives over for their inspection.

Because of Matthew's emotional biases, which he passes onto Marcus and are supported (but I don't know why!?!?) by Ysabeau, he can't seem to accept that Baldwin is a good guy. Baldwin is doing what Phillipe did: what is most beneficial for the de Clairmonts and regional stability.  When he arrives, he assumes Phillipe's role: he meets with the mayor and priest in the village, he runs the house and puts Diana on the Congregation.

Has anyone thought of the events of DoW and BoL from his point of view? I think all of his reactions are perfectly acceptable. First, it appears that no one asks his opinion or for his help. They all assume he is against them and approaches him with anger and confrontation. I don't know about you, but if I'm approached in anger, I will become angry and defensive. Initially, he's called in to find his brother's mate, who is a witch. He makes Matthew think instead of just going off his emotions, even though Matthew is angry he's there. Then, the first think Diana says to him is "I thought you were dead." That would freak anyone out, and rightly so. Next, in Book of Life, the reader is led to believe him storming into the bedroom is rude, but let's think:

     1. He doesn't know Matthew and Diana are at Sept Tours
     2. He arrives and suddenly hears Phillipe's blood vow on Diana
     3. Phillipe's been dead for 70 years, and so there is no way that Baldwin would expect to hear that
     4. He is still grieving for Phillipe and it is natural that he would assume that it is some sort of trick/insult to create this reminder of Phillipe

We know he loves his brother. He helps find Diana and gives her good advice, he fights for him and has the reaction of the fake Matthew's in Benjamin's bunker, cares for him after the battle, and makes fun of him while he's recovering (can't fight or do other acceptable brotherly things). Then, he comes to love Diana as a sister. He's the one who confirms the blood vow. He asks Diana if assuming Ashmole 782 hurt, and gently touches her, he gives her advice for being on the Congregation, protects her by waiting on the boat until she's in the meeting, and accepting her as a fellow fighter during the battle with Benjamin, and then caring for Matthew afterward.

In summary, I think Baldwin's reactions are completely reasonable and that he needs a friend/mate. (I'd be it, but I think my husband would protest....even though Baldwin smells like wood smoke and leather...basically the coziest, homiest, and safest den/library I could imagine.) I think it is sad that Baldwin's de Clairmont family is getting smaller. Marcus, his kids, Fernando, and it is assumed Ysabeau join the Bishop-Clairmont scion. Matthew says that vampires like packs, but it seems that the de Claimont pack is trying to push Baldwin out. We don't know with whom Baldwin spends his time. We don't know if Eva was ever his mate or only a lover. 

Wow, this ended up being long winded.

I'm totally on #TeamBaldwin

From Michelle:
Hi ladies!

I've been MIA for awhile with life things (exciting life things, not bad life things!) and am now finally catching up with the podcasts. Nothing to really add except that I think of Lucius Vorenus from HBO's Rome when I think of Baldwin - a deep sense of honor and duty and really not here for anyone's (least of all his little "brother's") shit, so it would just be so great if everyone fell in line.

Also, I'm not sure if it's been addressed but can we please talk about how the most unbelievable things in this entire series isn't vampires, witches, daemons, or even timewalking, but the fact that she got tenure. At Yale. By 33. 

Love the podcast and am always excited when it comes up in my updates! Sorry I won't be at SoulCon but I'll be busy getting married that weekend :).

Michelle, the INTJ
From Camille:
Hello Daemons! I saw that you were going to discuss the Bishop house and immediately got excited. This house is all of my historical-fantasy dreams come true. Grumpy and wise ancestors. Sassy house. And spirited occupants. Above all else I was mostly interested in the ancestors that still lived, or at least passed by, there. This brings up all sorts of questions, but I mostly want to ask why Diana, Emily, and Sarah don't take advantage of the literal walking, talking history books they have available to them. What gives? Especially Diana, an Historian, who I would think wouldn't be able to stop asking them questions. 

The three women seem to rarely speak to the ghosts and instead have developed a relationship that instead makes it seem like they are houseguests that have overstayed their welcome . And while I do understand that after some time, you might get a bit sick of ghosts always being around, for someone like me who would love to chat with both recent and distant ancestors, I can't help but think the three might be a little ungrateful.  

I love listening to the podcast and cannot wait to stream All Souls Con soon!


From Kate H.:
*Chapters 30-34 were a major emotional roller coaster to read, I distinctly remember stress drinking almost an entire bottle of wine whilst reading them. I would not have handled Diana's ordeal nearly as well as she did. In fact, I'm certain I would not have survived it. 
*Baldwin drove me crazy with his calm rational I really just wanted to smack him. 
*When I first read about the Bishop House it reminded me of a cat. The house is a bit standoffish and wary when it meets a new person but also has a sly and slightly wicked sense of humor. It seems to me that Tabitha often acts as the house's familiar as if she more belongs to the house than the witches who reside there. 
   Hope you enjoy my late night ramblings;)

Take 20 (published the 3rd of Aug 2017) emails:

From Stephen:

I just heard you reading my review on DDE18. I forgot that my Apple ID uses an old email address 'bottleheaduk2002' (so you could not know that it was left by this  Discussor.) I added the podcast subscription to my iPad (just) to leave a review, but I still download and listen in the car with my trusty iPod Touch.
❤  and Daemon kisses πŸ’‹

* From Wendy:

Hi Lady Daemons!!

I know I am a day late, but hopefully not a dollar

I might be too late for the pod cast but still wanted to share my thoughts.  Chapters 26-29 for me was the roller coaster ride of emotions!!  We went from the high of Matthew finally giving in to his feelings when he got back from Oxford and watching Diana prove her bravery as he hunts, to the pain of Diana in La Pierre.  I think that these chapters start to show the strength of the bond between them.  In Chapters 26-28 we see the beginnings of the bond and how strong it became so quickly and Chapter 29 shows how Diana uses that bond to survive in the some of the darkest moments of her life (to that point).  It also shows Diana's inner strength.  I don't think even she knew how strong she was until that point.

On to Philipe...When we first met Philipe in SON, my impression was of a mean, self important control freak.  As we got to know him more through the book, I realized that my initial impression was too narrow.  He was a control freak, but not mean, just protective.  He was ultimately focused on ensuring the well being, if not happiness, of his family.  He was a complete contradiction in that he had a huge capacity for fun and love for his family...but could also be ruthless and demanding with the them.   Having said that, the scene when he sends Diana and Matthew off to London by riding along the ridge, was heartbreaking.   Philipe is one of those characters that makes you change your mind about him in each chapter...ultimately I think he was the father that Diana needed in SON before they went to London.  He ensured she had the strength and skills she needed to survive and learn in London.

And only 9 more Friday's before All Souls Con...WHOOP!!

Thanks for the shout out on the last was really cool πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


** From Kate: 

My thoughts on Philippe is that he is the ultimate CEO and put Diana through a medieval executive training course/employment interview. When she arrives, he's not trusting of her and sees her as basically an applicant to being a senior vice president to the de Clarimont Corporation (dCC). At first, he's not sure if she's wanting the role just through the marriage, and will be a satellite member of the family, or if she's going to be a full member. He also realizes that Diana isn't aware that she's even applying for this role!  He essentially puts her on probation to see how she'd do in the position and testing her loyalty to the dCC brand.

- Does she show initiative? Yes. She uses Alain and other retainer/servants to learn how the house and vampire families run, the expectations, requirements, etc. Learning how Philippe and Matthew like to take their blood, that her presence is required at the high table so others can eat, how to deal with strong egos/personalities. This really helps her with Baldwin and the Congregation in Book of Life.

- Does she grow into the role? Yes. She assimilates well and became an advisor to Phillipe and Matthew, not someone to protect, but a full team member.

- Loyalty?
       - She kills the witch and learns how willing she is to protect not just Matthew, but dCC. Also, she learns (and finally accepts!!) that dCC will protect her. This is evidenced when the children servants are willing to use household tools to protect her.

Once she show's that she is worthy, he then hires her into the family through the blood vow and provides her personal seed money. That occurs before the wedding. It's as if Philippe needs to make sure that Diana's not looking to marry Matthew for the prestige of being associated with dCC (gold digger/ trophy wife/ arm candy), and willing to be a working member of it, regardless. The order of events in VERY important. Adoption before the wedding. This is necessary in Book of Life for dCC's modern members to accept the adoption.

In modern life, Phillipe is like Elizabeth II and Diana is like Kate Middleton. One is protecting the family and public institution, and another is training to be a member not just in words but actions too. A 'working royal.'

Again, love the podcast and discussions.


From Rute:

So....I'm going to start with my thoughts on Philippe in SON...we already knew Philippe was one of a kind but in SON we really got to know him. The strong, brave man willing to do everything we could to protect those he love. It was terrible hard and at the same time amazing to see Matthew with Philippe...We could feel Matthew was trouble to be with his father again, and when he told Diana his secret...I can only imagine how hard it must have been to Matthew.

Philippe is someone you find yourself attracted to and falling in love with very easelly...the way he protected Diana, making sure she was a De Clermont. I always cry whe Diana and Matthew have to say such a hard Chapter to read...and latter when Ysabeu finds his little note.
All in all Philippe is an amazing character and I hope to find more about him in future books

Chapters 26-29 of A Discovery of Witches

Matthew finally givin in...telling Diana he loves her. The magic, the I Love Yous, their time together. Matthew taking his time (well, later we find out he was afraid, because of his blood rage and all)...simply perfect. However...when things are this perfect something has to happen...and Satu did
😀 Diana being kidnapped...I can only imagine Matthew guild when he woke up. At the same time it show us how strong Diana his...the talk with her mother was amazing.

Guess that's all

Big Kiss

P.S. sorry if there's some mistakes, english is not my mother laguage ;)

** From Angela:
Shadow of Night - Phillipe.

I could probably spend an entire day diving into the many small details of Phillipe. He is by far one of the most complex secondary characters in this book. I won't even go into how many times he brings me to tear up in TBOL. In SON though he not only makes me want to strangle him but I also want to just sit in any room at Sept Tours and just study every move as though each moment with him would have something worth treasuring. And treasure him we do. I don't think I truly understood Phillipe until I went back the second time to read SON. At first so much of his story and the depth at which his relationship with Matthew is overlooked. Once everything is revealed and I went back I really got to see so much more  of those intimate details that occurred in this book. And chapter 11 in the hay barn has got to be one of the most memorable scenes between Phillipe, Diana and Matthew. Not only does Phillipe deliberately instigate Matthew to ensure his secret about his blood rage is revealed to Diana, but this is also where we get to finally see the softer side of Phillipe. By making Diana his blood sworn daughter and giving his blessing for her and Matthew to be officially wed we see there was so much underneath the image of Phillipe that Matthew explained to Diana in ADOW.

Phillipe was a complex yet devoted family man. Who knows just how much he knew about the future and what would actually come into play but I loved every role he played in their lives.

Another question I keep trying to find my answer to and I think I must just be missing it is when Phillipe says to Diana in TBOL- Thank you for holding my hand, you can let go now. Was she with him in spirit while Benajmin was torturing him or was she in some way-shape-or-form guiding him his entire life and never knew it?


I've rambled enough. Time for wine.

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in NOLA. And of course I'll bring the wicked Boston accent with me. lol

Daemon Kisses! MUAH

-Angela Page