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Notre Raison d'Être

We are the Daemons - All Souls Trilogy (by Deborah Harkness) enthusiasts exploring the All Souls universe - Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest & Instagram.  All Souls-ing since 2012!

Badges from the 1st Annual AllSoulsCon
We walk among you.  Practitioners of Daemonosity.  You may have seen us drifting around online like wayward fetches wherever and whenever this series is mentioned.  You may have met us at book signings. You may have heard about or seen some of our work with our other *activities*.  We are three ladies who are old enough to know better and young enough not to care!

We met and bonded over Deb Harkness' All Souls Trilogy (AST).  When it comes to All Souls, our loved ones fear we're a tad insane — and they know we're a lot obsessed — especially since we approach our book related adventures with the same level of attention and devotion that's required by each of our high-stress, high-responsibility, real-life careers.  Our families shake their heads at us when we spend hours discussing theories.  They politely cheer us on when we get to do really interesting things because of our 'hobby'.  Bless our loved ones for understanding us so thoroughly and tolerating our lunacy!  This series and friendship has been our 'soft place to land.'  Let's hope they remain as tolerant during the second wave...the opening to a new series in this universe (first one is coming in 2018; no title as of yet), the prospect of a television production, and our new podcast!  Buckle up, loved ones!

In addition to the All Souls universe, we're obsessed with all sorts of books and reading materials - subjects jump the spectrum from what's considered high-brow literature (absolutely subjective!), non-fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy, tech blogs, science, history, all the way to what's best described by many as 'chick-lit' meh, ridiculous labelsfrom YA to erotic fantasy!  If you can read it, and it comes with a great story, we'll love it.  We also adore coffee, sarcasm, appropriate footwear for men (no brown shoes!), raffle copters, late-night Facebook messaging (usually includes cocktails!), and planning our next get-together, because we are in long-distance relationships with each other!  The Dallas, Seattle, and Chicago areas are not very close in proximity!  We are fortunate to live in an age where we can talk to each other morning, noon and night without missing a beat.  Luckily, we are able to mount our brooms and visit face to face when the stars align!  When we do meet up in person, it's like we just saw each other the day before.  Well, really it's because we have.

We thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our site, and we hope you are informed and entertained by our offerings.  We are humbled by the positive response we've received thus far, and only hope to live up to the praise we are given.  Welcome to our world, and please enjoy your stay!

Angela, Jean & Valerie.
a.k.a. The Daemons.

P.S.  About the layout and design of Daemons Domain.

This design was a very interesting project.  We all decided we wanted it to look and feel like a mixture of "decayed beauty" and something out of a Tim Burton film!  We came up with this, and as it is with most creative endeavors, we didn't know what we'd end up with until we were done.  We are quite pleased on how it turned out!

Listen to the pronunciation
Daemons were once regarded as angels (thus the clouds and the feel of a heaven-like space), and in AST they are portrayed as creative, obsessive about music, theatre, art, and design.  They often considered brilliant and have been said to skirt the line of madness and genius.  Many in the series think of them as insane!

Based on how we described ourselves above, you can see why we would gladly embrace the 'daemon' moniker!

When we say "Feed Your Daemons," we don't mean feed us!  We believe everyone (example: Matthew and Diana!) has a bit of daemon inside...we are actually suggesting that you should occasionally abandon what's expected and 'normal'.  We are encouraging you to give in to the indulgence — wander into to the world of madness that allows one to create, think, imagine, and explore different ideas and concepts freely.

We used elements from the following alchemical pictures:

Kircher's Moon Phases
As you can see, we also used pieces from the following abandoned theatres - the neglected beauty is breathtaking:

The damask blue "wallpaper" on the side is just how we would picture our theatre lobby being decorated.  Classic, yet slightly different and whimsical.  Nothing expected or predictable!

You'll note the colors chosen for this look represent both warm and cool.  We've also included the sun and the moon.  Both are unions of stark opposites:

"—warm and cold, light and dark, female and male, witch and vampire, a conjunction of opposites."

"That makes her not only a creature of fire but one of water, too, capable of moving between the elements. The firedrake is a union of opposites."

"I turned the page. Here was the image sent to my parents, the one the Bishop house had saved for so many years: the phoenix enfolding the chemical wedding in her wings, while mythical and alchemical beasts witnessed the union of Sol and Luna."

"Like sun and moon, we were unconcerned at this moment with time, distance, and difference. All that mattered was our position relative to each other."

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