Sunday, August 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Diana! A Joint Giveaway!

Happy Birthday, Diana!
Happy Birthday Diana Bishop! -- We are celebrating with a joint giveaway! This giveaway is sponsored by us (Daemons Domain), The Tenth Knot, Daemons Discuss! (our podcast), and All Souls Con! What does this mean?! It means a great big giveaway with a lot of loot for one lucky winner. As is our tradition, we love ending the summer giveaway season with a bang! As always, we've provided multiple ways to enter (do one, some, or all)! Twitter users can enter daily by tweeting about it! All Souls Con options are there, so those of you registered to attend All Souls Con (virtually or physically)  already have 5 entries to enter with! If not, go ahead and register to attend! To max out your entry possibilities, answer the survey question, and -- oh yes, maybe follow all of us on social media!

Up for grabs (click each prize for a close up): 
From Daemons Domain: A glass cabochon bookmark (<---click!) featuring the words "Ma Lionne" (the term of endearment used by Matthew, referring to Diana after her terrible experience at La Pierre in ADOW)
From The Tenth Knot:  A t-shirt that says "Stand back! I'm going to try magic!" (<---click!)
From Daemons Discuss!: Your choice of All Souls Trilogy Audiobook from Audible*. 
From All Souls Con: A Penguin tote bag, (<---click!)  and Artemis Tea (Diana's fave) (<---click!) by Mariage Frères

This giveaway is open internationally; read the terms/conditions at the end of this post, and enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Terms and Conditions:
•  Contest ends the night of the 28th of August at 11:59pm.  Clock is set for EST.  Check for time zone differences!
•  No purchase or membership is required for participation.
•  Please know that we will never use your information to spam you, nor will we sell it to another agency.  We hate that, we know you do too.  😣
•  Twitter users will have the opportunity to enter daily. 
•  Social media entries (with the exception of Facebook): if the entrant follows on social media, they must be a current follower at the time of the drawing.  Following to enter, then unfollowing will disqualify the entrant.  Following is an option and is not mandatory.  We want you to want to follow us and/or our partners.  If you don't, no worries and no hard feelings!  You are still welcomed to enter! Tweeting daily works for us!
•   Point system correlates to how many entries you are given.  Example: if you respond correctly to a trivia question (if the contest includes them) worth 3 points, you will be given 3 entries.  Yes, we check the answers! 😉
•  We reserve the right to disqualify entrants to who do not meet the specified criteria. 
•  Winner will be chosen by random drawing (using the Rafflecopter app) at contest end.  Provided all the entry requirements are met (trivia answer[s] are correct, or social media entry verifies), the winner will be contacted via email within 72 hours of contest end, and will have an additional 72 hours to respond afterwards. If there is no response, or the selected entrant fails to meet criteria, a new winner will be chosen and notified using the same method mentioned above.
•  This promotion is sponsored by Daemons Domain, The Tenth Knot, Daemons Discuss, and All Souls Con. It is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any of the social media venues (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, & Pinterest) we use to publicize it.  The aforementioned parties are hereby released of any liability. 
•  This contest is open internationally.  If a contest winner is chosen outside of the US, mail may be delayed depending on location of the recipient.  Please be patient, we'll make sure it arrives safely!

If you have any additional questions re: this giveaway, feel free to send us an email!  Email us at - Subject: "Diana's Birthday 2017"

Good Luck!

* Daemons Discuss is not a partner w/ Audible, nor is this an affiliate promotion; the book will be gifted to the winner's Audible account (required to receive the book). If you do not have an account, you can join for free on a trial basis; even if you decide to cancel, the book will still belong to you. Winners outside the US will be offered a credit for a book from the publisher serving that particular country.  Depending on the country, the book may not be available on Audible.  If that is the case, a credit for a book (of the winner's choice) of similar value will be offered. 
xo, ~The Daemons
(and The Tenth Knot, and All Souls Con!)

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